Omnichannel Order Management System

Omnichannel order management system is an intuitive way of empowering brands and retailers for enhancing efficiency and increasing profitability. It is a very promising platform for brands and retailers who want to monitor their orders and smoothen their last-mile delivery process.


Ambab has developed a complete suite that facilitates fulfillment processes and execution capabilities to meet the needs of your business and exceed the expectations of your customers.

Why does your business need OMS?

OMS can help you manage your orders and build an intuitive environment that will help you keep track of your orders and provide you with reporting platforms and dashboards, to predict the numbers in the long run.

Process orders quickly

Our omnichannel order management system helps process orders quickly by routing your orders to the closest store or distribution centers.

Order routing algorithms

You get to choose an order routing algorithm based on your business case. Omnichannel order management systems can pick the nearest store algorithm, highest inventory in-store algorithm, and many more for fulfilling your business goals.

Omnichannel Experience

Our OMS helps you to connect your retail stores as well as your online stores to provide your customers with an omnichannel experience by allowing them to “Click and Collect” on products they like.

Single View of Inventory

You can integrate your ERP systems to display your inventory at warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores.

Real-time information

If you have your presence on most selling channels online, it becomes difficult to track each store in real-time. Our omnichannel order management system helps you track your order requests, acceptance, rejection on a real-time basis.

Notify customers

You can use the store HO admin view to notify your customer when their product has arrived or ready to pick up. You can also give them the privilege to pay in-store and enjoy the window-shopping experience too.

Reports and Analytics

Our OMS has an integrated module for you to keep a check on customers, invoice transactions, shipments, and so on. With this information, you can also predict the requirement of certain products and accordingly plan your inventory.


By using our Order Management System to route your orders, you can save on your logistic cost.

Planning for an Order Management System for your Business?

OUR OMS Features

Our OMS suite offers a list of features that can help you execute your orders more efficiently:

Inventory Integration (Near Real-time)

Inventory integration allows you to integrate your inventory management software to optimize your inventory to meet product availability and enhance your ROI goals.

Order Routing

Order routing is known for allocating orders to the warehouse or stores for delivering them to the right location.

Click and Collect

Customers have an option to reserve a product online in a particular store and then collecting the product at their convenience.

Store wise invoicing

Store-wise invoicing allows the users to prepare custom bill layouts specific to their store.

Store Admin HO Dashboard

The Admin HO dashboard has the ability to monitor the order activity of various stores. It can notify the store admin to accept or reject orders assigned to the store or do it on their behalf.

Store level returns management

Store level management can be managed through a return management authorization. This helps in product returns at the store level through our software.

Last-Mile Delivery Application Integration

Our omnichannel order management system can be integrated with your Last-Mile Delivery Application to smoothen the delivery process.

Pay in store option to add tender value

You also give your customers the option to pay in-store to add some tender value. 


Our omnichannel order management system uses various algorithms based on business use-cases to fulfill orders.

Web-based OMS admin for Store manager

Store managers can conduct various activities from their web-based OMS admin such as accepting or rejecting orders from the store itself and checking the stock availability of a particular SKU.

Add Unlimited Physical Stores

If you have multiple retail outlets, that’s not an issue as our OMS has the capability to add and connect with unlimited physical stores.

Multi-lingual support

Our omnichannel order management system can support multiple languages, thus breaking the language barriers.

Need a customized solution with more algorithms, rules and features


Ambab has a team of experts from every field that helps in developing the most reliable and flexible omnichannel order management systems. Ambab developers build cutting-edge systems to fulfill your business requirements.

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