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Ambab is a leading Magento ecommerce development company in India. As a Magento development service provider, we offer Magento development services that range from custom development to theme development to upgrade services from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We also offer Magento consulting, in case you feel you need some advice. We believe in enhancing and customizing your Magento e-commerce website to help you take your online business to the top.

Our MAGENTO Services

Magento is a huge programming language, offering a lot to help you enhance every little detail of your website. We being one of the best Magento agencies have an expert team to take care of every detail you need us to help you with. We have listed down our services that we can help you with.


Custom Designed Platform

Get your platform designed by us which goes well with your vision and future goals. We, at Ambab, have a set of expert Designers and Magento developers who can help design your custom platform that meet your business requirements.


Themed Platform

Magento helps in building platforms from scratch, but the beauty lies in the themed solutions. If you are looking for a particular look for your ecommerce platform, our experts can provide you with themed platforms. Magento offers fully functional themes for helping you building impressive ecommerce platforms.


Custom Module Development

At Ambab, custom module development is one of the standout services that we offer. Our experts understand that sometimes your business requirements might be vast, but a single module can help you achieve most of it. We can help you build the full platform or even the required modules.


Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Marketplace integration can help your business reach new audiences and also bring more revenue. However, building them is a task from one single platform. Magento commerce helps you build multi-vendor marketplaces empowers sellers to sell their products to multiple vendors from one single storefront.


Magento 1 & 2 Support

Be it Magento 1 or 2, our experts realize what you need and allow you to choose a platform of your choice. Although it is advisable to go for Magento 2 as the security features are enhanced in it, Magento 1 can be your choice and we are committed to helping you with the required support.


Site Optimization

Building the right ecommerce platform is not the only thing important, but site optimization is also necessary. Your site should be optimized well so it performs with excellence on all browsers and platforms.


Magento Migration

Magento 1 and Magento 2 are the 2 prominent Magento versions. However, it is advised that you start using Magento 2 as the security enhancements are as important as feature improvements. Therefore, if you have a platform that is working on Magento 1, we can help you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


Omnichannel Order Management

Omnichannel order management systems are perfect for big and small businesses alike. This order management software can help you track purchases and make sure that these orders are handled, delivered, or picked up.


PWA Implementation

PWA Implementation can help you save a lot of time and budget. PWAs are build using technologies that can work on all standard-complaint browsers. Such apps can be a good way to keep UI consistent across devices.


Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce can help you make an enterprise ecommerce platform. Not only does it provides you with features that best work for any ecommerce platform, but also comes with other security enhancements that can make your payment gateways secure.

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Advantages of Magento 2


Improved Performance and Speed

Magento 2 is a popular e-commerce platform used across the world. Since it is specifically developed to make e-commerce websites, you get the advantage of a speedy platform and enhanced performance since Magento is specifically optimized for it.


Elastic Search

Elastic Search or Elasticsearch is a search option that helps you search everything from only the dashboard of your application. It finds all the data in your system related to your search query and saves you time for searching every document in different folders. Magento 2 helps in saving time and improving productivity.


Progressive Web Apps

Your website can be an app or just a simple click-and-go application for the system. PWAs have their own benefits and it is a tried and tested method to help you build relevant, lightweight, and progressive apps. Ambab has developers who understand the importance of PWAs and help you build one for your e-commerce platform.


Advance Content Staging

E-commerce platforms bring you opportunities of conducting huge sales events, and you need websites that can display these events automatically on your website. Advanced content staging helps you to put such banners or images once and for all on your website. All you need to do is turn them on, and they will be displayed on the website.


Improved Scalability

Be it a blog or an e-commerce platform, more-the-merrier is a phrase that every website or e-commerce store owner has in his/her mind. If the scalability of your platform is compromised, you might face a loss in traffic with loading issues or even a website crash. The result would be a loss in revenue. Magento helps you improve scalability that can accommodate more and more visitors on your site.


Advanced Marketplace

The Advanced marketplace is a great feature to have, and Magento 2 offers you that. You can integrate and monitor different marketplaces in one single dashboard. The advanced marketplace is a must-have feature for all e-commerce platforms.


Automated Email Marketing

Be it a blog or an e-commerce platform, more-the-merrier is a phrase that every website or e-commerce store owner has in his/her mind. If the scalability of your platform is compromised, you might face a loss in traffic with loading issues or even a website crash. The result would be a loss in revenue. Magento helps you improve scalability that can accommodate more and more visitors on your site.


Advanced Reporting

Reporting is one of the major advantages of migrating to Magento 2. If you could track the performances of all storefronts from one single dashboard, it is awesome. Magento 2 helps you do that.


Responsive Admin Panel

We all know how difficult it is to keep track of all the activities conducted on your e-commerce website. A responsive admin panel can give you a glimpse of everything important on one page and improve your productivity effectively.


Streamline Checkout Process

If you are losing sales after the customer reaches the checkout page, it means only one thing, and that is your checkout process is tedious. Magento 2 offers a streamlined checkout process to make it a better place for buyers to complete the sales faster and effectively.

Hire Magento Developers

Ambab is one of the leading Magento Ecommerce development companies. We have expert developers who understand Magento inside out. With good blend of experience and domain knowledge, our developers can offer you amazing services

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Upgrade to Magento 2

Magento 2 is a big name in the world of e-commerce, and you can build your e-commerce store using Magento 2. It is one of the e-commerce platforms that gives you some amazing flexible options for making your e-commerce journey easier and better. We at Ambab understand the importance of building an amazing Magento 2 experience, and hence we can help you upgrade your platform to Magento 2 and incorporate those features.



Magento 2 is a great platform and the performance metrics it offers are far better than its predecessor. Magento 2 can now handle up to 39% more orders with 66% faster add-to-cart times. Not only that other features like Ajax cart, cache, PHP7, and hosting environment improvements help in enhancing the performance further in the right direction.


Admin Enhancements

Your time is money and it is valuable. Magento 2 developers understand this and therefore, it offers added advantage to administrators of your website. Improved product creation that allows you to speed up the process by 4 times as compared to Magento 1. Improved data view and filtering makes sure you find the products faster and make an interface that is uncluttered.


Customer-Side Enhancements

Magento 2 is not only about the seller platform but also about customer requirements. Therefore, enhancements are there for customers as well as website owners and administrators. So, Magento 2 offers a much secure and enhanced payment gateway to make sure payments are done properly. For this, an improved checkout process is put into the place. Improved search further extends the functionality to allow customers quickly find their products. If mobile browsers are your target audience, Magento 2 has taken care of that too.

Why Choose Ambab for Magento Development


Product Approach

Ambab follows a product approach to build websites and web apps. A major reason for this is everything we do is measurable, and we have a proper deadline that guarantees quality and fractions in every minute detail in the planning phase.


Market Champs

Ambab is one of the Magento development companies that has been in the market for over 10 years. We probably already know your problem and have a custom solution made for solving your problem. The reason being, as market champs, we have a huge number of briefs coming in, and that experience helps us make a better Magento solution for you.


Certified Developers

We have Magento developers who have learned the subject in and out. They know the nitty-gritty of their trade, and you will see the benefit when you start working with us. Certified developers have an edge over others since they are experienced and have a broad knowledge of it. They can not only build a Magento website or an Magento e-commerce platform for you, but also provide Magento consulting so you can understand it better.


Agile Development Process

We don’t believe in a set steps of making any Magento website, as your requirements might change in the middle of the process based on the competition. Rather, we follow an Agile development process that allows you to see every module we develop and take your feedback in consideration. This development process aims at reducing the feedback loop at the end and getting the problems sorted then and there.


Ideation to Execution Approach

Ambab is one of the few Magento development companies that believe in offering an all-round development process. An ideation-to-execution approach makes your website stand out as the time required to think while developing is reduced considerably. Not only that, this process factors in your views, requirements and opinions, so your website complements your company vision.


Scaling to Grow

The increasing use of internet and e-commerce platforms has brought the scalability issue into the picture. We make Magento websites that are ready to be scaled whenever it's needed. A room to grow is always needed for a baby project, isn’t it?


Highly Reliable

Ambab has a reputed name in the market as well as a huge market experience, so you can totally rely on our partnership with you. We make sure that you are well-informed about everything we do and make sure that you never feel left out during or after the process. We have resources in place that can come to your aid whenever you need them.


International Exposure

We, as a Magento development service provider, have clients that are situated across the globe and due to this, we also have a fair understanding of the global audience. Every business aims to go global someday. So, if you prepare for it from day 1, we feel you will have an edge over your peers.


Full-Stack Development

When we say, we are highly reliable, we mean it. Full-stack development is one of the services we are proud of. Our team of full-stack developers makes sure that everything happens inside the campus and you get to take a look at it all at once.

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