Laravel Development Services

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that helps in building a custom web application that is secure, feature-packed, and cost-friendly. It offers you a platform that helps in building high-performing and standardized web applications. We are one of the best Laravel Development Company that can help you built some amazing applications for your business.

Laravel Development Services

Your business requires an online presence that can skyrocket your business to the moon. Ambab makes sure that your business gets the required exposure and guidance from the Laravel experts of the industry. The expertise that Ambab Laravel developers bring to the table is exceptional. Here is a sneak-peak of the Laravel web development services that we offer:

Laravel Web development

Our Laravel developers leverage the use of various Laravel features like the Template engine that provide lightweight templates for your website. This template engine helps you get some of the unique designs that align with your business goals. Ambab is one of the best places to help you meet your Laravel web development goals.

Laravel app upgradation and data migration

Ambab’s skilled Laravel developers can help you upgrade the technology stack. Also, they will make sure that you go through a smooth migration process between Laravel Framework platforms or other platforms. Our experts will help you migrate data between different schemas / different applications.

Laravel enterprise development

Enterprises require a website or web application that fulfills business requirements without any hassles. Ambab hosts an expert team of Laravel service providers to deliver a solution that meets your enterprise requirements and helps you integrate with other ERP/CRM applications.

Laravel custom app development

Fulfilling your requirements is one achievement more added to our portfolio. Our experts make sure that we engineer the best custom application solutions for you so that you can have an all-time stronger customer base.

Laravel e-commerce app development

E-commerce application development is gaining pace in this high-speed and mobile environment. Your physical stores require an online presence and it is no longer an added feature but the need of the hour.

Restful Application Development

Our Laravel experts have hands-on experience with API development & its standard practices which are globally accepted & We help you to create RESTful API for communication any third-party application/mobile apps to reach a global audience.

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Why Laravel?

Using Laravel for custom application development is going to be a beneficial deal for your business. Our experts will help you build a web application that will be safe, secure, and leverage the following benefits for smooth functioning, and vast reach among the audience. 


The object-oriented libraries offered by Laravel is an exclusive and unique feature of this MVC framework. Easy to install and provides a progressive set of features for your website.

Expressive database management

Database management has never been simpler. Laravel brings with it a set of expressive syntax which helps in making your job easier. It allows us to use different databases and easy migration from one database to another.

Flexible and cost-effective

Laravel, as a framework, has so much to offer that it takes care of your needs very effortlessly and efficiently. Various extensions and flexibility to develop an extension make Laravel a very cost-effective framework to create unique solutions.

Excellent mail integration services

As we mentioned previously, flexibility is at the center of everything that Laravel offers. You can see this even in something as basic as a mail sender. It leverages the SwiftMailer library that comes with a number of email drivers to choose from.

High performance

There are various extensions that we get with the Laravel framework to build performance-packed solutions and applications. This MVC framework is developed by keeping in mind the performance aspect, hence, making it an apt choice for something big and critical.

High security

Laravel framework protects your site from various internet threats that can break your system or steal information from your client’s website. It has built-in features like CSRF, Protection against XSS, SQL Injection, etc.

Open-source framework

Open-source platforms and frameworks make it very easy to develop an all-round solution to your problems. Laravel, is one big name in the race of open-source frameworks.

Blade templating engine

The template engine provides a solid way to customize your website quickly and making it easy for every website running on laravel look completely unique.

Automated testing

Building your application is one thing and making it robust and bugs free is another. Laravel offers you a way out with Dusk which provides testing classes for ease and convenience. 

Robust tools for efficient development

There are several tools that the Laravel framework offers for robust app-building purposes. Everything, from designing to testing, can be carried out efficiently by minimizing the lines of codes. Not only does it result in productivity but also makes your software economical.

Efficient processes

Laravel is not only known for its features but also the way they perform. Every step is well-planned and there is an efficient flow of processes which makes this one a big YES for your next web application or hybrid app development.           

A large supportive community

Considering the widespread popularity of Laravel framework, there is a large support community out there who are willing to ease the framework for beginners. Also, they are developing new tools to meet developers requirements and make their task easy. 

Why Laravel Development at Ambab?

Ambab is one of the best Laravel Development Company that houses an expert team of developers that can build custom solutions for your business. Be it an e-commerce website or an already-in-place website, our best-in-class developers make sure that you have it all sorted at the end.

Full Stack Development compatibility

Website is not just a series of web pages but a lot more than that. We understand the importance of it and hence, we offer full-stack development services that covers everything from design to coding and testing. 

Trusted by clients across the globe

We are praised and known across the industry for using and showcasing the expertise in Laravel development. Our live portfolio will help you understand how we gained the trust of so many clients in a short span. 

No Hidden Costs

Help clients meet their requirements with the best Laravel developers. Plus, the cost of your project is given to at the start and complete transparency is practiced so you don’t have to worry about being charged a dime extra than what was decided.

Transparent & Tailored Approach

We value your business as much as you do. Therefore, we make sure that we follow industry-best practices and work on a set strategy that would work out just perfectly for your requirements.

Complete Manual & Automation Testing

At Ambab, we believe in building robust solutions so you do not go through any hassles when it’s time to bring it to the world. Hence, we have a QA team taking care of everything after we have built the solution for any bugs and fixes.  

Quick Support & Maintenance

Feel stuck with your website? Maybe there are a few doubts here and there? No worries. Our team of experts is just a ping away on different online channels for your assistance. 

Industries we cater to

Ambab is one of the most competitive and efficient Laravel development companies that are working with a wide range of industries. Our experience talks on our behalf and these industries are trusting us with their businesses. 


Physical well-being is one of the biggest concerns and tackling it through technology is our forte. Our experts have built and strive to build the most unique and out-of-box e-health solution for your business.  

Retail & eCommerce

Selling products online is slowly becoming a norm. But, getting a solution developed that brings out your unique identity is much more difficult. Be it an e-commerce website, app, or a B2B retail website, our Laravel experts will make sure they build it all effortlessly and quickly

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism requires a website that has a unique appeal,  enthusiastic look-and-feel, and a welcoming charm. We have the expertise to do it all efficiently, featuring all the support you need. 

Professional Business

Gear up your customer services and offerings with one of the best designers Laravel development company. We also offer security against cyberattacks for efficiency and integrity across operations. 


Education and e-learning industry understand the importance of clutter-free and student-friendly interface. Our developers are very flexible and can help you build an UI that is not only smooth, but also suits your requirements and business. 

Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment news, blog, or for that matter agency page requires a lot of customisation to make it look glamorous. At Ambab, Laravel experts understand your need and work accordingly to bring the best of both worlds. 


Organizing events, be it a small ceremony or a huge wedding, your website requires enough space to showcase the kind of work you do. We have the best website designs to accommodate everything in a place so your prospects don’t have to traverse a big hierarchy to reach your established portfolio. 

Food & Restaurants

Whether you have a food delivery business or thinking of starting a brand new restaurant in your neighbourhood, you might want an alternative to promote it. We have the resources and expertise required to take you food and restaurant business online for a wider reach and larger customer base. 

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries and enhancing the business is not that easy. Hence, it becomes even more critical to do something out-of-the box so you catch the prospects faster. Our experts will help you in building unique solutions that will help you to resonate with your customers. 

Development Process

We have the development process set in tandem with your requirements so that even the smallest element is not missed and you get the exact replica of your idea at the end of the process. Here is how we plan it all for you in stages.

Meet you in person / Call you

Understand project requirements Proposing timeline and costs


Industry research and collate data Sketches and wireframe Creation and approval


Website development Site review of every module and page Industry best practices CMS development Content input

Test till the best

Testing of every module Code testing Usability testing Browser testing

Go live / deploy

Take it to the audience Review and changes Deliver/Go live 24*7 Support Feedback

Let's meet over coffee to discuss your business and make it a success with every sip!!

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Laravel developers at Ambab are passionate professionals striving hard to build a system that revolves around your requirements. They also ensure excellence while building solutions that touch aspects like designing, security, and all-around performance.

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