Are you Losing Customers and Revenue due to slow load speed?

Slow load speed is usually the main culprit that’s causing most of the sites (including Magento e-commerce portals) to load way slower than they otherwise could. The reality is, it’s just one of the problems. Since your site loads slowly, your prospects can just walk away even before your store gets loaded in their browsers. That means you’re losing customers and revenue … possibly right now as you are reading this! So how much can you lose if your site is slow?

Now that depends on how slow your site is, but let’s learn from an example. For instance, xyz company was able to reduce their image payload by 41%. Other than that, they were able to accelerate their page load time by 78%. On top of that, their bounce rate improved by 80% and they boosted sales by over 10% during their peak sales season! Read more below.

Improve your mobile user experience, device analytics, and image optimization

Get the industry’s most advanced and innovative device detection and image optimization solutions. Architected to deliver accuracy and speed, all with enterprise-level support.

Upto 80% Lower Bounce Rate

  • Built-in and real-time (on the fly) automatic image optimization
  • Better key performance metrics, such as lower bounce rate, increased cart size, and time spent on-site, as well as pages per session.
  • Drastically decreased image file size (especially crucial for mobile devices)

Upto 72% Higher Visitors

  • Intact visual high-quality of images (look exactly the same but load way faster)
  • Reduced page load time (at a much lower byte size)
  • Built-in device detection at the edges

Upto 70% Higher Duration

  • Powerful management interface with customization options
  • Crop, rotate, resize images using URL parameters
  • No need to upload your images anywhere!

Having similar issues with your website?

How it Works?


The first step which is most critical to optimization is to detect the device. The tool detects the requesting device model and the capabilities that impact the image quality.

tablet and mobile


The tool leverages the device’s parameters to automatically resize, compress and convert large original images into optimized images with next-generation file formats.

image optimization


The tool has edge servers positioned strategically around the globe, pushing optimized images to the requesting customers with logic to deliver optimized images immediately from cache.

global cdn

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