We are a full-stack engineering firm that builds cutting edge products for businesses to grow to web scale.
We are a full-stack engineering firm that builds cutting edge products for businesses to grow to web scale.


More than a decade of incredible service, a team of 150+ proficient professionals, and uncountable business solutions – that’s the story of Ambab.


Ambab is India’s leading Consumer Internet and Mobility Technology Company with a development center in Mumbai. Founded by Bhavik Jhaveri (ex-founder and CTO of and, Ambab is today an extraordinary team of 150+ experts including engineers, designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile app developers, solution architects, business analysts, quality analysts, and cloud architects.


We work with a diverse range of retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and enterprises in the world to incubate their consumer internet products. We build their digital footprints right from scratch and help them solve complex business challenges as well as meet changing user expectations. We provide end-to-end support across the digital product lifestyle, including App Development, Web Development, Cloud Services, IoT, and so much more.


It is our mission to provide businesses with precise and perfect Omni-channel Solutions that will enable customers to transact 24×7 across their channels of preference. We believe in evolving with time, and thus we aim to seamlessly embrace every change, from the latest technologies to modern trends. 

At the end of the day, we don’t just want to be the best but also help our clients become the best in their respective industries.


It is our vision to build a more inclusive and dynamic digital world in this volatile PHYGITAL era by empowering businesses and their customers to shop/buy from ANYWHERE via a channel of THEIR CHOICE. 

We intend to make the entire process easy and flawless through our cutting edge solutions.


Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of experienced, focused, and dedicated executives.  Working with each other and our employees, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our clients.

Jitendra Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

Jitendra, the CEO of Ambab Infotech, is a man with a mission. He is the Start-up Specialist of our company with a focus on eCommerce, Retail, and Digital Transformation. He is also an Omnichannel specialist with more than two decades of leadership experience setting up businesses across B2C & B2B channels. Mr Joshi’s in-depth understanding of various business models & technologies always comes in handy while providing precise solutions to our clients.

Sanjayan Nair

Chief Business Officer

Sanjayan, the CBO of Ambab Infotech, is the man with all the “business wisdom” a company would ever need. He is a chemical engineer from the IICT (formerly UDCT) by education and has 32 years of glorious experience in diverse industries like Chemical, Pharma OTC, FMCG, Retail, and Retail IT. He is responsible for strategic direction, operational execution, and the overall business results of Ambab.

Satish Gadhave

Solution Architect

Satish, the Solution Architect of Ambab, is the man who indisputably knows what he’s doing. His knowledge & experience of various integrated systems and workflows make the life of our clients more comfortable and better. His eye-to-detail approach in analyzing and building the right tech platform has enabled teams to deliver complex integrations & architectures to our clients consistently.

Nimit Shah

Associate Director – Product

Nimit, our Associate Director – Product, is known for his clear thought process and impeccable planning. His robust & reliable experience in technology helps us create perfect products for our clients. He has donned multiple professional hats in the past, including marketing, operations, technology, and sales while performing excellently and flawlessly.

Yazdan Irani

Associate Director – Sales

Yazdan, our Associate Director – Sales, is a “glass half full” kind of man with a strong and inspiring personality. His rich experience of working in the IT products and services industry makes him a highly valuable asset for our company. Mr Irani’s skills in Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Business Development, and Key Account Management are indispensable for the company.


Bhavik Jhaveri

Non-Executive Director

Bhavik, currently a Non-Executive Director, is also the Founder of our company. Mr Jhaveri has successfully founded and built some of the leading ventures in e-commerce, consumer internet, and digital media space across India and global markets, which is why he is indeed called a serial technopreneur and an “emerging market” observer of India.

Ankur Joshi

Non-Executive Director

Ankur, currently a Non-Executive Director, is the co-founder of our company. Mr Joshi has been a part of many large fundraising deals in India including Reliance Industries where he was a part of more than $1Bn group investments. His strong exposure to growth and operations allows him to give the best advice and guidance.

Amitabh Taneja

Strategic Advisor

Mr Amitabh Taneja is the Founder of Images Group and a thought influencer for the retail industry. His flagship publication IMAGES Business of Fashion is India’s Leading Voice for the entire branded fashion segment. Mr Taneja’s advice has always helped our company grow and prosper.


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