Magento 2 Services For E-Commerce Development

Why Opt for Magento 2 For E-Commerce Development In 2020?

By Himanshu Pande

E-commerce has gained popularity over the last few years. There are so many physical retail stores going digital for growing their businesses. E-commerce platforms provide their customers with the convenience and flexibility to shop on the go. This not only saves time and effort but also provides comfort and a smooth shopping experience.

Building a whole new physical store at different locations might be difficult for businesses. However, a mobile app or an e-commerce website can help you grow the customer base without any physical presence. Moreover, you will need an excellent development team to build an e-commerce solution for the same.

Due to the increasing user base of e-commerce websites, many platforms came up with a solution that provided many advantages to the developers for building such high-performance e-commerce websites and stores. Magento 2 is one such e-commerce platform that provides a way to build out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions. As the name suggests, it is the upgraded version of Magento 1 and entered the market with a set of new features and advantages that helped Magento 2 to grow up on the charts.

You don’t have to worry if you do not have the expertise in Magento 2 development since many IT companies are offering Magento 2 development services for your convenience.

If you are planning to take your business or store online, here are some solid reasons that will encourage you to adopt Magento 2.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

There are native apps, and then there are websites. Both of these are somewhere down the line reaching a saturation point. You might be feeling what is so different about PWA that it is one of the first reasons for switching to Magento 2, right? Here is all the fuss about PWA.
PWAs are a hybrid of native apps and websites wherein you can access the website as an app as well on your smartphone. So, the user does not have to keep accessing the website all the time: they can just save the webpage on the smartphone home and then access it like an application whenever needed. Magento 2 PWA studio is a platform that helps in developing PWAs.

2. The Headless Commerce

Magento 2 is a headless commerce application. That might be sounding a little vague unless you are an IT guy who develops or follows the e-commerce industry very closely. We will help you understand the basics of it.

Headless commerce means you don’t have to link the back end and front end like we do in a traditional e-commerce website. APIs come into picture when we talk about headless commerce. The API connects the front end and back end for smooth functioning. It improves the performance of your website and also gives developers the flexibility to make changes to the front or back end without making changes all the time. Magento 2 development agency can assist you in understanding the advantages of this feature and its application to make your e-commerce business a smooth competitor.

3. The Magento marketplace

Everything your e-commerce store requires to function as digital business is available here. The e-commerce development company working to fulfill your requirements will find all the themes and plugins required for your store to perform smoothly. You can buy the required themes and plugins to incorporate the functionality or enhancing the look-and-feel of your website.

4. Import products

Talking about e-commerce or online retail business owner, you might be selling products from a wider range of vendors available out there. You might have a huge number of products and manual addition of each one, in such case is a pure waste of time. Plus, it is bound to confuse you with the added and left out products. Rather than going through all this pain, Magento 2 brings in a way out. You can directly import all the products to your website with a one-click solution. This will not only help you save time but also do your job quickly and efficiently without any hassles, within minutes.

5. Search Engine Friendly

The fact that Magento 2 can build PWAs, it becomes very evident that the website/app can work consistently on all platforms: be it mobile, desktop, or tablet. You need a highly responsive website that works equally well on all platforms and improves your website’s SEO ranking as per google algorithm. The high degree of mobile responsiveness helps google rank your website on the search engine results page (SERP).

6. Boosts SEO capabilities

Your e-commerce website is not only about the attractive interface and added functionality. The whole internet game, nowadays, is based on SEO. You will need an SEO expert to do all the things. Magento 2 brings in the SEO capabilities along with it, out of the box. The Magento marketplace will help you find SEO-optimized themes and plugins for optimizing the content and stores as per the standards.
Magento 2 development companies will assist you in addition to the plugins and themes since they have an expert SEO team for your help.

7. Availability of Universal tools

When an online store or an e-commerce website comes into the picture, there are many basic functionalities that your customer is bound to expect from it. It can be tracking the delivery progress, shopping carts, best selling products and more. At the same time as an online store owner, you will have to monitor and analyze sales, check if anyone has abandoned shopping carts, check for frequently visiting customers to offer extra discounts to grow your sales by retaining and acquiring customers. Magento 2 comes with all these functionalities in its arsenal to help you grow your e-commerce business three-folds.

8. The Customization

Customization is a thing for any e-commerce business to survive the competitive market and industry. Magento 2 will help your developer to make the necessary changes in no time since Magento’s code is accessible and can be customized according to the changing requirements of your business as well as the industrial standards. This gives an edge in Magento’s e-commerce website development process over time, since the developer can reuse the code as per the need.

9.Marketing tools

The festive season is near, and customers are waiting for the offer prices to be set up on the products they wish to buy this season. Imagine, you have to handle the whole discounting and pricing task manually or programmatically, how difficult would that be? Magento 2 comes with a great set of marketing tools especially in place for you as an e-commerce business owner. It provides you the levy of displaying the pricing according to your customer base and their requirements. You can simply input the conditions and pages where you have to show the effective price for the sale season, and that is all, Magento will do it on its own.
Similarly, you will be able to set up landing pages for the upcoming Sale event, provide a way to apply coupon codes on select products, and many more. Now, that is what we call an all-round e-commerce development platform!

10. Payment options

Magento 2 offers several payment gateway options so that the customers can pay for their product on the go without worrying about carrying cash all the time. It will not provide convenience to both store owners and customers.

11. Multistore
Developing and managing several e-commerce websites is very difficult and also brings along too much confusion. Magento 2 decided to address this problem with the multi-store functionality. With Magento, you can create as many number of stores and store views, on different domains using just a single Magento installation. You can theme each one differently, display different products, and different customer groups to the target audiences of each store.

12. Multi-tier pricing

Magento 2 offers multi-tier pricing options which are a great promotional tool that you can use to increase your customer base. Multi-tier pricing allows you to offer quantity discounts on particular products in your catalog. You can set the audience or customer group who can avail the discount offer. You might be offering a discount to someone who is visiting your website for the first time or not a member, which is the acquisition of new customers. You might also want to retain the old customers and offering an added sale discount to them. All this can take a while to do it manually, but multi-tier pricing in Magento 2 makes this task easier and can be accomplished quickly.

Magento 2 is trending in the world of e-commerce sites and e-commerce development right now in the industry. The amount of flexibility it offers to customers and store owners is at par. Hence, it is at the all-time high right now, and leveraging the features offered by it is the best thing you can gift your business today.