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5 Reasons why your Magento store should be on AWS

By Ambab Infotech

5 years back did you ever imagine that you could get your product delivered within 24 hours? But thanks to Amazon prime that it has become a must have thing. Customers currently expect a seamless buying experience and firms that don’t evolve with time and innovate would be left behind.

What we mean to say is that having simply an ecommerce website won’t get your business up and running. You also have to invest in making other processes smoother- buying, inventory management, promotion, shipping, etc. The underlying technology is what adds spunk to the business – it helps connect sellers and client on mobile and internet, effectively manage orders, payments, deliveries and returns of purchased product.

For your ecommerce business to grow against its competitors, speed and performance of the web site is extremely important amongst the number of other things. Shopping online is ultimately regarding saving time and efforts for the buyers and with a large number of firms selling similar stuff, each second, each interaction, each experience counts. Being slow will drastically have an effect on the conversion rate for your business.

Even if you’re employing a strong ecommerce platform like Magento or Shopify or others, you’ll be able to still improve the performance of your web site by optimizing the server and web site configurations. AWS is world’s leading supplier of cloud based mostly internet hosting services and could be a prime selection for ecommerce development services. Below are the advantages of AWS

Performance and Reliability

The data centers of AWS are equipped with power backup and protection for your business the Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commits to a monthly uptime percentage of at least 99.99% that makes it most reliable for your store. The speed of AWS is commendable that makes it better than most of the other hosting suppliers. Amazon invests an enormous quantity of resources in maintaining and upgrading their data centres to supply best infrastructure. They assure you a quick and good solution to issues, if any. Moreover, AWS is known for its simple usage and scalability that once again helps improve the performance.


Internet business is evolving very fast and thus the web stores need most of the functionalities to be agile. AWS is very versatile. It offers you a good API (Application Programming Interface) that eases creating new instances (server), load balancer, external information (RDS) and storage (NFS) on demand and in real time begin using these new services. It’s easy to change proportion of your server’s capabilities according to required server space or power- by simply changing the instance.


Every ecommerce business head ought to be concerned about security and AWS is amongst the most secure hosting for your business. It offers secured access and infrastructure through an encrypted cloud computing environment, encrypted data storage inbuilt firewalls for defense, and private subnets, certifications, attestations, data and physical Security, etc.

Global Presence

With Amazon AWS, you’ll be able to host your ecommerce store near your client locations be it in America, Asia, Europe, or Australia. It’s a good feature for on-line businesses that decide to expand their business worldwide.


AWS doesn’t build a giant hole in your pocket. You have got to pay just for the services you’re subscribing to for a given period. If your Magento/ Shopify store is scaling up, you’ll be able to tune your server infrastructure as per the traffic. If you choose a traditional internet hosting, you’ll be bound to pay for a minimum amount of time even if you do not use it for any reasons. Hence, AWS is clear with their pricing.
Everyone is aware how Magento could be useful to your online business however solely proper configuration and effective hardware/software capabilities can assist you enhance and improve your on-line store’s performance. Our decade of expertise says AWS is the simplest.


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