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Why Magento stands out as an Ecommerce platform?

By Sandeep Shetane

Every business plans on expanding beyond their regional boundaries. Developing an eCommerce store is one of the best solutions to do it. Yes, whatever be your business category, you can open an online store to sell your products or services. Not only it will help you expand your reach but also provide you with the opportunity to attract potential customers and retain existing customers.

If you are thinking about you getting an eCommerce website for your business then, it is important that you select the right platform and framework so that you can take advantage of the various features they provide. If you are not able to decide which one to go for, we will help you with it.
We recommend Magento as it is a platform trusted by millions around the world and has become one of the most popular among the businesses to establish their digital eCommerce.

Why Magneto?
Magento is a scalable, extensible open-source framework and a feature-rich platform that enables vendors to transition their business from offline to online seamlessly.
There are endless features that come with this platform and this is the reason why a number of businesses looking for professional Magento development services which can help them make the most out of their online stores. From appearance to excellent content management and smooth functionality, this platform will entertain you with endless benefits.

Below are some pointers why Magento stands out when it comes to eCommerce Platforms, take a look:

1. Order Management System (OMS):
Magento has a very powerful OMS. With the help of OMS, one can check and configure the state and statuses of the different orders. From the backend, you also get an option that will allow you to create invoices, credit memos, and shipment which will certainly reduce the complications of order management.

2. Promotions
With the help of the Magento platform, you will be also getting a default system with which you can implement different discounts in percentage or fixed over your selling price or MRP without much of a problem at all. Not only this, but you will get the option of setting a promotion of buy X product and getting Y product free (Buy one and get one free offer).

3. Shipping Methods
This platform gives you excellent partners in the form of DHL, BlueDart, UPS, and more which makes the logistics process completely seamless. Magento comes with an inbuilt flat rate module which allows ease of logistics. Also has an option to configure shipping rates basis weight vs destination or price vs destination or no. of items vs destination.

4.Supporting Payment Methods
Magento supports payment methods such as Cash on Delivery (COD), Paypal, Cheque on Deposit. You will be getting the benefit of pre-built integrated payment methods with the Magento platform which will help the customers do their transaction easily.

5.Content Management System (CMS)
Another amazing benefit that you get with the help of the Magento platform is that you can manage your content without any kind of hassle at all. WYSIWYG content editor will make things easy for you to get your content placed in the best of standards.

6.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
With Magento, you will also be getting the benefit of sitemap generation. It also makes it easy for you to manage robots txt file which is essential in ranking your website to a better position on search engines like Google and Bing.

7.Catalog Management And Tier Piercing
Magento has a wide variety of product types to choose from in catalog creation. Hence from physical products like jewelry, apparel, computers, to the virtual products in the form of magazines and songs, Magento is the default choice for vendors selling online. With the help of tier pricing, the vendors will be able to configure prices for bulk quantity purchases for a particular SKU.

The big aspect which falls in the line for businesses while choosing Magento is that they will be able to develop multiple stores or websites for their respective needs and still have a centralized admin for management. Orders incoming from multiple sources (stores and websites) can be routed by the Order Management System which can be managed by a single admin.

9.Integrated API
With the help of Rest and Soap API’s your online store will be able to connect to third party vendors and marketplaces seamlessly. Not only this, but this feature will also help you power mobile applications without much of a problem at all.

10.Huge Community
You will always have plenty of support for your Magento platform as there is a huge community backing the Magento Community Edition. As there is a huge community backing Magento CE you’ll find a lot of plugins that are available for free or even paid which you use as per your business needs.

11.Multilingual And Multi-currency support
With the help of this platform, you will certainly be able to connect with a bigger audience by promoting your services through their local language. Not only this, but the customers will also be able to pay for their orders through their local currency.

12.Streamlined Checkout Process
The new version of Magento has 2 steps. Hence checkout is much faster which is a primary requirement of any online store. Faster the checkout better are the conversions.

Final Words
Magento has become one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms used by businesses around the world because of the various features it brings into play. It is not only suitable but also helps them achieve the business objectives as it can be customized to suit their requirements. So, if you are looking for a professional Magento website development service provider, it would be better to reach out to Ambab Infotech as they have a massive understanding of technology and how to scale up businesses using technology. If you are already on Magento but using the 1x version you can reach out to them and move ahead with upgrading your Magento version to 2x without any hassles.