Why Laravel is the best framework for Web Application Development

By Avani Solanki

If you are an owner of a company and offering enterprise business solutions to the customer all over the world and searching for the best idea to develop the best web application; then you are in the correct place. Here in this blog, we will try to explore different aspects of Laravel. We will also focus on why Laravel is the right framework for web application development. 

There are many web application development platforms in the market with unique features. But choosing a perfect framework for web application development is very important. Ambab offers you the best laravel web application solution as per your enterprise requirement.  

Why Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is created with the objective to ease the complicated web application development. Laravel is based on the popular PHP framework – Symfony. Today, this is the most famous PHP framework with the highest Github ratings. 

Authentication and Authorization

Laravel comes with a high-level built-in authentication and authorization feature. Just by using a few artisan commands, you can build a secure authentication and authorization system quickly.

File system

Laravel framework comes with built-in support for cloud storage like amazon s3 or local cloud storage system. It is smooth and simple to switch between storage options using the Laravel framework. The API remains the same throughout the system change. You can use all three systems in a single application to serve files in a distributed environment

Object-oriented approach and MVC support:

It is the best feature of the Laravel framework, as it follows the model –view – controller-based architecture with expressive syntax.

Unit Testing Facility

Any software application is incomplete without the testing process. Testing is an integral part of any application development; however, any web application framework comes with a lot of different development tools. Laravel is the best framework, which offers you a unit testing facility, so no need to test the application separately. The integrating unit testing framework is quite easy with Laravel and can be run using the artisan command-line tool. 

Artisan Console

Artisan is its command-line interface of the Laravel framework. Artisan console can be used for publishing package assets, database migrations management, seeding, generating boilerplate code for models, controllers, etc. Developers are getting freed from creating the code skeletons. By implementing new commands, you can extend the functionality and capabilities of the artisan. 

Route Caching

If you are looking for building an enterprise web application, the speed of the application is a big challenge. Laravel framework is a perfect platform to develop the enterprise web application with a route cache feature. Route caching increases the loading speed of web applications.

Task scheduling facility

In addition to the Artisan command-line feature, Laravel also offers you a task scheduler. This scheduler allows periodic scheduling of the execution of the task. It is based on the cron daemon to run the artisan job. 

Multilingual option

It is one of the best features of Laravel, you can use this multilingual feature to expand your business across the world. Now language is no barrier for your business. You can build your web application in different languages smoothly. 

Package delivery

Laravel comes with various built-in packages. It automatically detects and installs the package based on customer needs. It supports multiple software with an automation facility. You can manage all your information using the composer and dependency manager. 

Today, when everyone is going digital, enterprise web applications are in high demand. Using the Laravel PHP framework, you can develop a perfect and customized business application to fulfill all your requirements. Ambab is a well-known Laravel application Development Company with an expert development team.