When is the right time to shift to Omni Channel

By Ambab Infotech

Omnichannel is a holistic approach for client communication via all channels. It is an integrated system with the multichannel and all elements of retail work. It covers all sectors like distribution, promotion, marketing, support, and services.

The omnichannel approach offers hassle-free and smooth communication via all channels. It records customer data such as previous order history, wishes list, etc., which can easily be accessed by a customer support representative. This information is beneficial for building customer relationships and addressing their issues quickly.

Today, with technological advancements, customer shopping patterns, and expectations are changing. Customer’s demands are not just limited to a single channel brand, but continuously looking for speedy and convenient shopping. So today, it is a necessity for e-commerce companies to shift from multichannel to the Omnichannel model.


Things to consider while moving from Multichannel model to Omnichannel:

  • Integration – online and offline

There are two prominent channels for the retail industry – Offline channel which includes brick-and-mortar stores and online channels which provide for mobile shopping, e-commerce, and social media.

When moving to the omnichannel model, it is mandatory to integrate offline and online channels with proper process alignments seamlessly. By selecting the right Omnichannel for E-commerce like Magento omnichannel solution, retailers can achieve a secure and smooth transition to the omnichannel model.


  • Logistics and Supply chain management

While moving to the omnichannel model, managing logistics and supply chain challenges is a bit tedious task. The biggest huddle is checking the inventory management for the right product, right time, and price. Another problem is shipping the right product to the right place with limited delivery time. Also, while moving to the omnichannel model, selecting pickup points with nearby customers’ addresses need to adhere correctly. If you are looking for such a robust omnichannel solution, you can contact Ambab.


  • Customer management

“Buy online – get delivered at your home” is a general online retailers’ model. While shifting to the omnichannel model, buying online, and pick up at the store could be added.

The omnichannel model will handle many options, such as promotions, loyalty points, offers, customer engagement programs. So a reliable customer management system is mandatory to work with the Omnichannel model.


Benefits of moving to Omnichannel model

  • Improved brand visibility

Moving to the omnichannel model helps to have a better brand image in the market through a consistent marketing approach. You can offer better services to your customers via mobile, online as well as In-store shopping options. It gives excellent brand visibility with better customer relationships.


  • Cost-effective

As you have better-segmented customer data, you can plan your advertising and promotional campaigns more effectively based on area, age, and other parameters. Analytical tools will help to consider the right platforms for perfect ad campaigns. You save unnecessary advertisement costs involved in traditional marketing.


  • Greater customer involvement with high ROI

The omnichannel model helps you to collect and segment the customer data, and based on the data collection, you can perform an in-depth analysis of consumer behavior, shopping pattern, and demands. It will help you for better investment options with high conversion rates.


  • More sales

The omnichannel model offers a frictionless buying experience to customers, which will enhance the customer experience. A satisfied customer buyer will prefer to buy more; it is just a natural adaptation of marketing based on customer’s convenience.


As we all know, the COVID – 19 pandemic has a massive impact on regional and global supply chains. Retailers are suffering supply chain disruptions due to this COVID -19. There is a significant production cut due to manufacturing companies who are experiencing a labor shortage, leading to a decrease in the production volume, and many more issues. On the other side, customer’s requirements are also changing. They focus more on online marketing with less or free shipping services, fast delivery, and easy returns. In this situation, buying online and picking up at the store model from the Omnichannel solution could be more suitable. It is a win-win option for retailers and customers as no shipping charges for customers and retailers are free from door to door delivery. In short, Omnichannel is a better option to sustain in the Pandemic situation.

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