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What is Laravel and Why Should you Care?

By Mehul Prajapati

Laravel is an open-source and free PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell. It is intended to develop the web applications with MVC – model view controller architectural pattern. It comes with different ways of accessing the relational database. The source code of Laravel is hosted in GitHub under MIT license. 

Laravel comes with graceful syntaxes and a collection of tools with application architecture. This open-source framework comes with various characteristics of technologies similar to ASP. NET, Codeigniter, MVC, Ruby on rails and many more. The structure of this framework is easy to learn with built-in features like mail, routing, authentication, sessions, etc. It saves developers time for thinking and planning the website from zero levels. 

Laravel framework comes with extensive features like routing, instant deployment, ORM, Templating, DB query and so on..

Below are some key features of Laravel :


With the increase in the usage of the web application, Authentication is a must part. Working with the authentication framework like Codeigniter takes a lot of time and effort for development. Laravel comes with out of box authentication feature and works with just a single line command. It also gives a handy document for implementation. 


Modularity is nothing but the level to which the web application elements could be combined or separated. It is best practice to separate the business logic into various modules and work together to develop a single web application. 

Laravel is a collection of different components that are designed to make a modular application. The modular structure is best suitable for developing large scale applications easily and smoothly. You will get simple guidelines to create modular packages in Laravel.  

Dependency Management

It is one of the important features of Laravel. Inversion of control or Service container is one of the most powerful tools by Laravel to manage the class dependencies. Instead of hardcoded classes, it has been preferred to use a tool like a composer to impose the dependency injection method. 


Similar to the Ruby on Rails framework, routing in Laravel is very easy to understand. It can be used to create an easy restful application. Laravel routes can be used for group routes, apply filters and bind the model data, which also can be used to create flexible and controlled search engine friendly URLs. 

Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping)

Eloquent ORM – object-relational mapping is an advanced PHP implementation of active record patterns with internal constraint enforcement on DB object relationships. Eloquent ORM works with database tables as classes with object instances linked to a single table row. Laravel is based on this methodology and gives support to all database engines like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc.


Caching is nothing but storing the data in temporary storage to retrieve it quickly as in when needed. Caching is used to improve the performance of the application. It uses the same methodology and caches all data from view to routes in a temporary location. Thus the processing time of Laravel is low with high performance. 

Testing and Debugging

Unit testing is an integral part of Laravel. It contains PHPUnit out of the box for testing the application as well as to detect and prevent regressions in the framework. The built-in testing facility in Laravel saves the extra efforts of testing and debugging through other resources. 

Query builder:

Laravel’s database query builder provides more direct database access and a convenient way to create database queries. Laravel’s query builder offers classes and methods for building queries pro-grammatically. The query builder syntax is easy to understand and comes with tons of functions and easy implementation techniques. Laravel query builder allows selectable caching of queries results. 

Template Engine

Laravel comes with a Blade templating engine; which combines one or more templates with the data model for resulting views. It offers a range of helper functions to format the data and implements the template inheritance for creating complex layouts. The Blade templates come with file extension .blade.php. The blade gives a set of control structures like a conditional statement, loops, etc. 


Laravel comes with high-level security where all passwords are getting stores as a hash instead of plain text words. It uses BCrypt for creating hash passwords. It offers security from SQL attacks and avoids the injection from other script tags. 


Artisan is Laravel’s command-line tool. It comes with a range of prebuilt commands to be run on the command line for performing the tasks. Artisan can be widely used to minimize repetitive tasks during the development process. 

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Laravel is a well known and proven PHP framework to develop the best applications easily. Hence Laravel is a famous PHP framework, widely used in the market.