What Are Magento Extensions and How Do They Help Your Business

By Ambab Infotech

E-commerce has dominated the last decade because customers appreciate the convenience of making purchases from a computer or mobile device. The grass isn’t quite as green on the merchant’s side because developing, operating, and maintaining E-commerce websites requires time and resources. On the other hand, Magento is a platform that allows you to create visually stunning and functionally robust shops, which solves various challenges. Every feature required to create stores that fulfill the needs of both merchants and customers is included in the platform’s feature set. The advantages it brings to brands are immeasurable. They must not be disregarded if you want to remain competitive in the online selling sector of the economy. However, the usage of features alone is insufficient to stay ahead of the competition and give users differentiated capabilities.

In addition to being one of the most beneficial elements of the platform, Magento extensions also make it easier to integrate certain features into a company’s operations. In addition to pre-built extensions, businesses can commission custom Magento extension development to construct extensions specifically tailored to their needs.

Let’s look at What Magento Extensions are and how they help your business in this article.


What Are Magento Extensions?

When you add an extension to Magento, you add a PHP code block that contains functions that allow Magento to perform better. Developed with the assistance of a vast network of Magento partners, Magento extensions provide complete flexibility and power to manage your business the way you want.

Magento extensions do exactly what they say: they extend Magento’s functionality and add some quality customizations to your store. Store owners can then create e-commerce websites with the specific features they want to offer their customers. These extensions were critical in shaping Magento into what it is today. It has influenced how e-commerce operates today. Although Magento is a feature-rich core system, it does not fully support the custom requirements of specific businesses. This is self-evident, as the core system is designed to support the fundamental needs of any eCommerce business. Any addons or further customizations can thus be accomplished through extension development. Magento is adaptable enough to allow for unique customizations. Extension development for Magento is a big business.


Benefits of Magento Extensions

  1. Helps you in keeping track of delivery dates and times.


After setting up your Magento store, the following step ensures that the products are delivered to clients on time. As your order volume grows, so does your responsibility to deliver things on time. Furthermore, suppose you use a manual method of delivering items and invoices. In that case, you risk making mistakes that negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

The Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time extension are recommended in this case. It will assist your consumers in selecting a preferred delivery time and date. Still, it will also allow the administrator to keep track of delivery dates and times and manage accordingly.

  1. A Larger Audience


If you want to expand your company worldwide, language may be a barrier to connecting customers with your brand. Assume a buyer comes to your well-known and appealing eCommerce site searching for a specific product. How would you react if he finally leaves your store without buying anything because he doesn’t understand the language?

As a result, you should consider a Magento plugin that allows your visitors to grasp the content of your online store. The Advanced GeoIP Redirect can help you out here. It allows your visitors to engage with your online store’s products in their preferred language, increasing conversions.

  1. Easy Order Management 


Daily more than thousands of orders are processed by the eCommerce store. Efficiently managing orders and inventory is one of the most difficult responsibilities for any eCommerce shop. You might need a tool to assist your store handle orders more quickly and efficiently.

Split Order On Checkout Pro, a powerful order management addon, comes into play here. This addon allows store managers to manage their orders with ease. It gives shop managers more control over the ordering process. It decreases the amount of time and labor they have to do.

  1. Social Media Integration


Every eCommerce business owner understands the value of having their products available on various platforms. And when it comes to social media, one of the most popular venues where your potential clients hang out is Facebook. If you don’t catch them, you could lose a lot of money. It enables store owners to embed and advertise their Facebook pages on major shopping websites. Visitors will be able to interact with the Facebook page directly from the websites they are viewing. More interaction leads to increased engagement, which leads to increased conversions.

  1. Engagement Booster


Before buying something online, a customer gathers information about the product. And the best approach to gather thorough knowledge about a product or service is to write an insightful blog about it. More people will read an informative blog, and the more people read it, the more traffic will come to your website. As a result, your search engine rating will improve.

Ambab’s Magento Extensions

Skip Shipping Method



The Skip Shipping Magento 2 extension allows you to provide better service to your customers by skipping the “shipping method” section for an order during checkout. After billing and shipping, this Magento 2 extension directs the user to the payment method. On the checkout page, an administrator can configure the default shipping method. Skip Shipping Method Extension is lightweight and works by the Magento 2 Order Management Workflow to complete the task with minimal disruption.

List of Features

  • Skip the “Shipping Method” option on the cart and checkout page
  • Configuration to disable the display of shipping charges in the order summary cart total section
  • Complies with Magento programming guidelines
  • Installation is simple, and everything is open source
  • In the case of one shipping partner integration, the Shipping method step will be skipped. For more than 1, it will ask the customer to select the shipping method as per default Magento
  • If one logistic partner is integrated, this extension removes the “Shipping Method” from the cart and checkout process
  • This extension comes with an enable/disable shipping step. You can always re-enable the shipping method step from the system configuration

Sliding Cart



The Sliding Cart Magento 2 extension takes the mini cart to the next level with responsive design and conversion-focused features. Enhances the user experience by allowing cart summary reviews in a single glance without leaving the product page. There’s no need to go to the shopping cart page! The Sliding Cart extension implements the majority of the cart features.

Customers can test coupon codes in the Sliding Cart to determine the total after discounts. Customers can easily apply and cancel coupon codes directly from the sliding cart. Customers can use this feature to view the summary without leaving the current page. Customers can add and update the quantity of a product and delete it directly from the sliding cart.


  • Easily preview your cart summary
  • Designed to improve conversions
  • Update Mini cart in layout & effect with Modern responsive design
  • Apply coupon code from the Mini cart
  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Allow/ Disallow auto-opening the quick cart
  • Allow/ Disallow showing coupon codes
  • Allow/ Disallow showing Order summary
  • Cart titles can be edited from the backend
  • The order summary title can be edited from the backend
  • Easily customize a design from admin options
  • 100% open source
  • Easy to install

To conclude… 

Magento extensions are an excellent tool for transforming your eCommerce store into a money-making machine. By utilizing the appropriate extensions for your internet business, you may increase your productivity. Still, you can also manage your job more easily. Start implementing these Magento extensions to improve performance, increase engagement, and generate more conversions for your eCommerce store!