API integration services

What Are Custom API Integration Services and How Can They Help a Business

By Pratik Prajapati

According to Wikipedia, API – Application programming interface isA set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components.”

The API is nothing but a set of protocols or instructions to connect two applications and share the operations. Application refers to software or computers and devices. Integrating an application with your application is better for functionality enhancement and business expansion. This software to software connectivity could be either web-based applications or mobile applications. However, API and UI are different. 

Third-party API interfaces are beneficial for businesses as they allow devices and applications to communicate and connect easily. There are more than 16,500 APIs in the market. 

The typical example of an API is the Google Location API. Payment gateway like Paypal, CCAvenue or Ecommerce Application like Flipkart, Amazon will have their own set of API’s for integration.

How Can API Integration Services Help a Business? 

There is a range of API integration services available in the market. These services can enhance the functionality and interface of your existing program. And ultimately improve business performance. Whether you are handling a local start-up company or global business, custom API integrations will be a catalyst for your business success. 

Connectivity and communication enhancement:

Users will view only user interface, however seamless and smooth transactions will add more customer satisfaction and quality experience. If we integrate the right software, it offers essential credibility to your business and improves connectivity. 

Automation and efficiency 

Every day there are tremendous changes in the technology and so customer requirements. There are lots of activity which can be managed efficiently using a suitable API such as Inventory, Payroll processing, marketing, and Sales, etc. This may increase automation and gives you more time for strategic work. Automating manual work reduces time, effort, and money. 

Security and Safety

Customized API can leverage different levels of security based on your application requirement, Ambab will help you to create a customized API solution with best possible levels security integrated based on your application types.

 Cloud-Based Integration

Today, everyone is working in a cloud environment. People said goodbye to massive server management systems and adopted much easier service like cloud-based services and applications. Working with cloud API is an essential component for connectivity and communication. Cloud-based infrastructure is a substitute for the huge investment in infrastructure and maintenance part. Based on the business requirement, you can adopt scalable and perfect API for your business.

New Product Creation

Customized API integrations can yield a completely new product range. Strategic integration of API may lead to a different product offering in the digital marketplace. You can take an example of Ola or Uber start-ups or Zomato and Swiggy. A third party API integration service like Google Maps opened a new service platform. You can integrate the API with your existing business to generate a new product or service for your brand expansion.

Custom API integration services:

  • API development services

Configuring the desktop, mobile, console, or browser apps to API is useful for integrating with different independent systems. Ambab will help you to provide all types of API development services such as development, integration, publishing, deployment, documentation, and continuous maintenance services. We develop robust API solutions with security protocols like encryptions, single sign-in, proxy caching, authorization, authentication, etc

  • Custom API integration solutions

We offer API for call management platforms for login, third party web services internal and external APIs, search engines, intranet systems, and many more custom integration solutions. We develop APIs for desktop, operating systems, web sockets, mobile, and cloud apps, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), browsers, firmware/middleware, databases and 

  • API as a Service

Ambab can help you develop highly scalable and durable APIs for your application with varied protocols. These APIs can be further used to offer API as a Service to your clients or can be integrated into any other cross-platform systems. These protocols are best for executing API based custom business logic with microservices. 

Ambab will also help you to design and configure the API integration testing for validation automation, Fuzz testing, runtime, and load testing, etc. 

To summarize, API Integration is beneficial for start-ups to promote the business, for an established business to reach globally and for mature companies to enhance the innovation and further business growth.