Tips To Hire Best Laravel Developer

12 Tips to Hire the Best Laravel Developers


Laravel is a PHP framework that came into existence in 2011. Since then, it has been doing wonders and helping developers build projects in less time than expected. There are many expert developers out there who are doing magic with Laravel.

You might be a business-owner or a proprietor who is looking forward to bringing it’s operations online. In that case, Laravel developers can help you turn your idea into a web app in no time. In order to know if you are hiring the best Laravel Developer, you should keep in mind the tips (12 to be precise) we are going to discuss in this blog.

Hire the Best Laravel Developers

Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks in the web development domain. You can see many PHP developers mastering laravel framework. However, being a backend development language, you need someone who has proved his/her mettle quite sometimes.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the right and the best Laravel developer going forward.

1. Web Technologies Expertise

Just like PHP, Laravel is also a server-side language. This means, you cannot build a full-stack web app if you do not understand front end web technologies. If you are hiring a Laravel developer, see to it that he/she knows HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and has working knowledge of these technologies.

Your backend would be of no use, if the front end is not exciting and appealing to your customers. Therefore, Laravel developers are expected to have a deep understanding of fundamental web technologies.

2. Portfolio

If you have found someone who has a fundamental understanding of web technologies and Laravel, see if they have previously worked on some similar projects before. The only way to find this out is if they have a portfolio. Every developer has a portfolio of projects that helps them showcase their skillset that matches client requirements.

Looking at a portfolio also helps in making you understand if the candidate is the best fit for your project. Sometimes, developers require expertise and understanding of a certain business domain so they can make a web app that matches your vision. If you do find such a candidate, check for the next set of tips.

3. Industry Understanding

Like we mentioned above, every website is different. Sometimes, you might have a set of requirements that coincides with almost every website of the industry you are working on. If you did not specify that requirement, the developer should be smart enough to incorporate that module. When that happens, you would know that they are the right fit.

Also, sometimes industry expertise can be gauged from their previous projects. Interview them and ask a few questions here and there, so you understand their mindset about your business domain better.

4. Experience with Laravel

Experience is the key to pick the best Laravel developer. Why does experience matter? If they have experience of working on Laravel projects and requirements, developers can assist you from the industry perspective.

When you hire an experienced candidate, you know that they can give you the right advice while building website features. It also shows that the developer you hired is capable of handling your project.

5. History of the Developer

The history or previous work record of the Laravel developer you are planning to hire also matters in various ways. There are soft skills like being a team player, catching up on deadlines and professionalism that every talented developer must possess. These qualities make them stand out among their peers.

All this information will help you realize if they can be a part of the team and help in taking the project further with team effort. Plus, if they cannot match the deadlines, you cannot bring the project to the market on time. That will cost you revenue and possible opportunities.

Therefore, it is better that you hire a Laravel developer that can abide by the deadlines and deliver best performance.

6. Interact with the Developer 

When you speak with the developer directly, it shows that you care about the project and respect the views of the developer. A face-to-face interaction can help the developer ask you questions and understand your requirements in a better way. Moreover, you can also set your expectations from the developer.

When both of you are on the same page, the project will move ahead smoothly and efficiently. You can talk to them about testing procedures, work assurance, medium of communication and so on.

7. Updated About Future Updates

Laravel developers can code faster and smoother when they are experienced. However, are they fast enough to learn the new updates and different changes that have been done to the syntaxes? There can be a possibility that Laravel introduced a new update with some good improvements. Your developer should be up to date with them so there are no discrepancies with your current project.

8. Understanding Thorough Testing

Website testing or website application testing are pretty important for any project. Laravel developers should know that testing is a key step that cannot be skipped. Also, they should understand that Laravel makes unit testing easier and efficient.

When they test the website or the application from the smallest level, the end product offers a solution that is accurate and perfect for providing an amazing user experience.

9. Soft Skills Owner

Any developer should have specific soft skills to excel in their field of work. Whenever we talk about creative projects like website development, one thing that matters the most is to work towards fulfilling client requirements. In that case, you also need to know that you might have to communicate your ideas and expectations in a humble and pleasant way.

Therefore, Laravel developers should have soft skills like:

  1. Exceptional written and verbal communication
  2. Receptive to feedback
  3. Flexibility towards working with the project and incorporate platform-level changes in case of updates
  4. Analytical skills
  5. Team player

10. Meeting Deadlines

If you have decided to hire Laravel developers, make sure that you mention strict deadlines. When you are developing a website, you want to launch that idea before someone else to get the first mover advantage. What is the point if you cannot capitalize on the idea because your developer could not meet deadlines?

Therefore, if they are committing a timeline to you, ensure that they follow that timeline for timely delivery of modules.

11. Project Cost and Time

When you have a clear set of requirements and timelines set, the ability to find a Laravel developer that would work as per your requirements becomes easy. Not only that, the developer will also give you the right quote for the project completion so everyone is happy and no one feels like they are working at a loss.

Your project cost and time will depend on the clarity that you give the developer about the deadlines and then they give you the cost. This allows you to finish the project on time, under the budget.

12. Post-development Service Provider

Your website can run into any problem in the future, and you need someone to take care of it at the last hour. Hire a Laravel developer who can also help you manage the post-development problems.

Laravel is a popular language and there are many developers out there doing their best in their respective domains. You need to hire a Laravel developer who possesses the right quality, calibre and aptitude to take your project till it goes on the market and beyond.