Tips To Find The Best Custom Software Development Company

By Nidhi Singh

Software help you do a lot of things that you probably couldn’t do it in traditional ways. Be it measuring performance, taking care of compliance jobs, bringing policies for increasing employee productivity, and most importantly using employee capabilities to enhance efficiency.

Although there are many commercial off-the-shelf software available, they are developed on the basis of common/general requirements of any organization in the world. Plus, you do not get the flexibility to add or delete the functionalities you require. This is where custom software development solutions come into the picture. But to do that you also need to hire a custom software development agency that can help you build software that will enhance the presence of your enterprise on the online platforms. 

 If you are new in the industry and trying to find out a software development agency to fulfill your requirements, we have got you covered. 

How to shortlist software development companies for you?

The Internet is full of resources and we all research about several agencies willing to provide services in our domain. For example, Clutch is a Directory of Google Development Agency and AppFutura which provides organized information about the ranking and rating of development agencies worldwide. Based on this information you can shortlist around 5-6 software agencies that you feel can meet your requirements efficiently. Once you have decided the ones that can stand firmly for you, you have to judge them based on the 4 essential factors. 

Steps for choosing your software agency

Your business and your employees require the best enterprise platforms to perform daily tasks effectively. It is not just limited to your employees, but also your customers. You might have a portal or an ecommerce platform that requires users to log in or maybe just buy something, everything needs to be at par. Otherwise, you are sure to lose business. Therefore, you need a strong custom software development agency to help you run your website. You can do that in the three steps we will discuss now:  


When you are planning to build a software that is complex and requires a good UI and functionally strong features, you can’t just choose the first name you like. You have to check out a lot more than that. The best way to do that is to ask the company to submit a few portfolios which portray a level of sophistication you want in your custom software. It will also help you understand the quality of work they deliver and whether they match your standards.

Post Launch Services

Your contract is the binding force between you and your chosen agency. You should put the relevant clauses which you think are most important to keep up the beat of your development activities. And, when it comes to systems and software there is nothing flawless about them. They are bound to come up with bugs, issues, addition, deletion, at some point in their lifecycle. Obviously, they are delivered to you only after testing each and every line of code and final functioning. Therefore, it is important that you add the right post-launch services. Plus, it helps you to match industry standards with constant upgradations.


The availability of your agency matters the most when it comes to taking care of issues dynamically. This is still better when you have agencies working in the same geographical locations or at the same time zones. Communication and collaboration become much more difficult when you want to outsource services from different time zone. You must, therefore, be prepared for any such situations coming your way in the near future. The best way is to use collaborative apps and using calendars to set meetings and discussions beforehand. You can also use software like Trello that can help you organize timelines and share it with your agency to keep things smooth. 

What are the criteria for selecting an outsource app development company or developer?

If you are thinking about outsourcing the services of a foreign company, you might want to be a little more conscious about the way they deliver services. Here are a few things you can take into consideration before choosing a custom app development company from different locations and time zone.

  1. Ask for references or check their portfolio for checking out the key elements you require to incorporate in your custom software. 
  2. They should have worked with diverse domains like UI/UX, Android, iOS, and web platforms too. 
  3. Connectivity and collaboration shouldn’t be an issue in the long run. Considering the long term and long-distance collaboration, frequent meetings, discussions, and updates are going to be a part of your project from time to time. 
  4. There should be enough resources with the agency to travel to the client’s location if need be. Sometimes, deployment issues can be a reason for a legitimate business trip. You cannot do everything on the internet after all, right?
  5. Their team has to be very well-organized to reflect a critical mass in terms of the size of the organization or the team.
  6. They should abide by all kinds of government laws and shouldn’t be involved in forgery.

Choosing a custom software development company is going to be a task, especially if you have no prior experience to deal with it. You do not have to worry as we have made a comprehensive list of things that you can keep in mind before choosing the right agency for your business.