Stepping up with AWS Cloud Computing Going Serverless

Stepping up with AWS Cloud Computing: Going Serverless

By Pramod Umashankar

Serverless cloud computing is a new execution of a computing model with processing units and backends as a service. Serverless cloud computing eliminates the necessity of resource provisioning; we just need to take care of our application logic and code. Due to server applications, the need for deployment, provision, server management is getting wiped out.

The serverless cloud computing extends to other cloud parts; AWS Lambda is one of the famous and highest usage serverless platforms. Amazon Aurora is a cloud-based database, which is available in different versions. Amazon Aurora is compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL with auto-scaling and on-demand configuration settings. Amazon Aurora database can be scaled up to 64 TB with a serverless cloud computing approach.

Why AWS cloud computing service?
Today, Microsoft, Google, and AWS are significant players in the field of cloud computing services. Serverless computing is the best way to get better ROI. However, sometimes people get confused about the word Serverless; actually, there are many servers run behind the services like AWS Lambda. Business logic has been written by enterprises above the server infrastructure in bigger cloud platforms. AWS is the most prominent brand in the cloud computing area, with billions of capital investments. AWS cloud computing offers wide and deep arrays of functions. Serverless functions together give rich and smooth experience with better productivity to the user.

A survey says more than 70 % of the serverless cloud computing market has been captured by AWS Lambda. Amazon web services are popular in the developers because of its infrastructure innovation and a huge array of services. There is a continuous growth in the AWS serverless ecosystem with a customer-focused approach.

The AWS Serverless Application Repository includes applications for Alexa Skills, chatbots, processing, IoT, real-time stream processing, web and mobile backends, social media analysis, image resizing, and more from publishers on AWS. AWS and AWS partners offer a collection of serverless applications in the application repository. It is easy to deploy the applications for regular usages such as mobile back – ends, web back ends, machine learning, stream processing, etc. It is very easy to start with the AWS cloud computing service.

Benefits of AWS Lambda
Amazon offers an event-driven platform for serverless computing called as AWS lambda. It allows you to run an application without server management, with event trigger-based execution. You can write the Lambda functions in various programming languages like Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, etc. For example, if a user uploads a new image file to S3, the lambda function can automatically resize it for different devices like desktop, mobile, or tablet. AWS lambda employs function as a Service (FaaS) cloud computing model.

● Fast development
As serverless architecture moderates the issues associated with system engineering, a developer comparatively spend less time for operational problems and could focus more on the business logic

Easy operations
AWS Lambda provides you automatic scaling function, which reduces operational management time and efforts. It offers a separation between applications and infrastructure. Working with FaaS is quite simple and straight forward. A developer can develop code on vendor console directly, so AWS lambda offers smooth operations without system administration

Cost-effective approach
AWS Lambda charges you only when Faas function executes. These charges are less while comparing normal server sunning cost; where you will get billed for an entire month

● Variety of Use cases
AWS Lambda offers you a range of use cases such as Daily task use cases for basic daily activities like automated backups, report generation, etc. It also provides you the best Notifications, automated chatbots, processing of s3 objects, etc.

● Good customer service
Amazon’s brand is well known for its excellent customer service. Similarly, AWS lambda also offers you efficient and high-quality services

To summarize, going serverless has many advantages such as smooth and hassle-free deployment, Better Scalability, lower cost, improved flexibility, and excellent customer satisfaction.

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