Mobile & Web App Development – 7 Stages You Need To Know

By Rinku Ramjani

Investing money and time in application development requires a lot of effort and planning. It needs the assistance of professional app developers who can pull out any complex project following the right approach. We at, Ambab Infotech are the most in-demand mobile app development company and the only reason behind it is our ethical approach.

Businesses all around the world are always having trouble in getting the application designed right and that too in the first attempt. If you are not following the right approach, you will not have the application fit enough to survive long.

So, to remove all your confusion we are here to discuss the right approach for iOS and Android application development services in detail. It will give you the results you are looking forward to achieve, read along:

1. Planning

If you have a clear vision of what you are looking for, planning must get started from that point itself.

Application planning requires detailed research. It doesn’t only mean how your application will look but also there are many more important questions that you must get it clear before connecting with an iOS and Android app development company.

Having answers to the following questions can make things easier for you, take a look:

  • What is the objective of developing the respective application?
  • Who is the target audience for your application?
  • What issues can the respective applications work upon?
  • How the users will be benefited from the application?
  • What will make this application different and stand out from rivals?
  • What are the important attributes to focus on for the respective application development?
  • How will the result be measured after the application has been developed?

After all the questions are met, you will have things a lot more clear in your head. You will be able to explain things to the respective service provider with much more ease. But, for this, you need to have the right development team in connect.

A development team like Ambab Infotech is just the perfect choice for you to consider. Having them on board will help you have your applications developed as per your expectations. They will understand your needs in detail and bring more quality to your requirements. This is the reason why you must always route for a professional custom Android application development company to have your needs covered with perfection.

2. Prototyping

A virtual world of your application will give you an idea about the end result!

After you get the planning to help you with your needs for iOS and Android application development services the wise move will be to move ahead with prototyping. This will help you with the feedback and understand how users are reacting to your idea. In this phase, you will wireframe produced rapidly.

The developers will help you get an idea of the UI and UX of application with the help of a wireframe. Thinking how?

Suppose you have a flight booking application to be made. With this process, you will get an MVP of your application which will get you a clear knowledge of how it will be working and also share with the audience to check with the feedback and response. You can check with every single detail related to working and style of application before its developed.

There are a number of tools that will help you get the feedback through your application wireframes. The higher the feedback number will be the better will be your understanding of what the audience is looking for. It will help you strategize accordingly and assist you with the best result while moving ahead with the development and designing process. You can always get assistance from Ambab Infotech in this phase to make sure that everything is scrutinized in detail.

3. Design

Designing is all about what your users are looking for!

With the help of wireframes, you will certainly get an idea of the UX and UI of the application. This will help you assess whether the application has been designed just the way your users are looking for or not! The response will make it clear which is section is just perfect and which needs to be better to make the experience flawless. The design of the application has to make a very positive impact on the audience.

So, while discussing the design with a mobile app development company, the prime thing which you must keep in mind is your user’s thinking and need. With wireframes, you will get an idea of how users are going through your application. This will certainly allow experts to make things better.

Below mentioned is the approach to make designing your application a big success:

  • At first, you must begin with User Journey Map. Here you will have to understand how users will be operating through your application.
  • After you get the first step right, you need to check with the functionality of the application through Wireframes.
  • The next step is to get a dynamic interactive model for your business application through a Clickable prototype.
  • At last, the experts will get your visual design process initiated. Here the UI and Motion designing will be covered as per the needs of the users.

So, all you need to do is to reach out to the best mobile application development company like us and get your designing phase covered in the most precise way.

4. Development

The development will help you get your application to build the way you expected!

This is the most complicated phase of the entire process. It needs to be properly managed exactly the way it has been planned. There are a number of frameworks that can be considered for your application needs. Scrum is just the right framework considered by a number of custom mobile application development company as it helps in the development of complication products.

With the help of this framework, all the needs will exclusively get modified into Sprint backlog. After this spring planning can be initiated for the development needs. As soon as development gets covered, you must consider for QA process where your development product can be tested. This will certainly help you enhance your application performance and give you the results you are looking for.

The professionals will also integrate the analytics engine into your application. And after this, creating events for interactions of the users to assess how your application is performing when it is being used at its peak. so you can see how your app is being used and the general flow of users. This information will become very useful to learn about your users and further iterate on your app’s design once it is released to the world so you can make the best product possible.

5. Testing

Keeping all the bugs away!

Generally, professional development companies will use this phase parallel to development. It is very crucial to regularly test your application post-release as it will help you save time and money. Hiring iOS and Android application development services from us will help you with UI tests, unit tests, and integration testing. So, you can be assured that the bugs will stay away from your product and there is no one stopping it from running long.

6. Release

Its to make your application public!

After your application has been developed, it’s time for submission to the App Store. The starting phase will be just like wireframes one where you will be understanding the response of the users. You need to understand the updates which need to be covered. Most importantly, you must make sure that the application matches with the guidelines of the App Store. This will help you get the right attention you are looking for!

The marketing strategies will begin this phase to connect with your specific audience.

7. Maintenance

Get your application running efficiently!

It is important that you keep this phase running just during the time of publishing the application. It will keep track of how the application works and exclusively enhance the performance of it. This will also help you keep the product away from the respective application. This will help you understand how to work on newer updates and make your application better.


Hopefully, you are clear on the approach which you need to follow to avail the best of application for your business needs. Ambab Infotech is just the right mobile application development company for your needs to cover all the steps in the most effective manner. With competition so high, you need to follow the right steps to remain ahead in the game all the time!