Magento PWA: How Leveraging PWA Technology Will Boost Your Business

By Roshan Yadav

progressive web application (PWA) is an application software program that can be installed on your system via the web. PWA can work offline as well as leveraging cached data of the last interaction. PWA is intended to run on any platform with a standard browser. PWA comes with a range of features like Push notification, offline; it creates similar user experience like native apps (android and iOS) on mobile or desktop. 

In simple words, PWA works offline like our WhatsApp software. We can still type and send messages, even though there is no internet connection. What’s app delivers messages once the internet is active. Similarly, you can work offline with PWA as well. 

Why use PWA?

In recent years, around 70% of users are accessing the website on mobile devices. In the absence of a native application, PWA plays a significant role, especially for small companies. A website can also be converted into a native app. Today, PWAs are becoming more popular because of its perfect functions, convenience, and affordable pricing structure. 

Magneto is a popular e-commerce platform, and Magneto PWA – progressive web app is mobile application software that can be delivered through the web. 

Core Elements of PWA:

  • Service Workers
  • Application Shell
  • Web App manifest
  • Push Notifications

How is PWA beneficial?

  • Less time for development with less associated cost

When working with Magneto PWA, You need to pay for one-time development cost, and it requires about 1 to 2 months for development. If you compare this with native apps development, you need to pay submission cost for every operating system like iOS and Android, etc. The native app requires a minimum of 5 months of development time with an ongoing high maintenance fee. In native app development, the development cost is based on the developer’s hourly rate. However, Magneto PWA is more affordable.

  • Efforts minimization 

When it comes to business promotion, you have to spend extra money on SEO and marketing purposes. Magneto PWA can help you in Search engine optimization and marketing. So, a Magneto PWA online store can achieve the right results without spending extra money and effort. PWA supports SEO and rank boosting on Google. Magneto PWA inherits all the excellent characteristics of a website like meta tags, keywords, descriptions, etc. It is optimized for the responsive design and fast page loading, so it is mobile – friendly also. Magneto PWA also offers free push notification, which ultimately helps you to save money for cold calling and email marketing costs. 

  • Offline operation

This is one of the essential factors of Magneto PWA; seamless offline operation makes Magneto PWA more convenient as compared to websites. Websites require a proper internet connection. You can access the PWA information easily without an active internet connection. Magneto PWA saves the previously accessed information and data, and it is readily available without the internet also.

  • More secure and better performance

Magneto PWA is dependent on the HTTPS for data safety and security. So you get more secure access to your data. Its server caches the content and images in a peculiar manner, hence it operates as a website with high running speed while enhancing the user experience. 

  • Independent services

When you are accessing or downloading any app, you need to depend on the app distribution services like Google Play, App store, etc. Magneto PWAs don’t need any app distribution service platform; it allows developers to avoid complex reconciliation process.

  • Automatic Updates 

Magneto PWAs come with specific functionality that allows automatic updates without bothering users with permission requests. Whenever a user visits the app, PWAs automatic updates start running. 

How will it boost your business?

There are very few businesses in the market that are using Magneto PWA. If you are using a fresh and new technology – PWA; you will be distinguished in the crowd. Today people are getting attracted to the Magneto PWA and a lot of articles, discussions are going on. If you adopt it, you may become a part of this discussion with high visibility. 

Magneto PWA runs smoothly on the low bandwidth networks as well, so even remote areas customers can also get access to your products. As a result, magneto PWA will increase the customer base and reach more users. It comes with a faster load time and offline visibility. It gives a better mobile experience, which ultimately increases the user to customer conversion rate.

To summarize, Magneto PWA advantages are improvement in the speed of the website, a native app-like look, and feel, and a seamless offline working feature. If you are looking to implement Magneto PWA for your business, Ambab offers you PWA development features with an excellent support team. We are one of the leading PWA development company in Mumbai