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Magento Enterprise: 12 Signs To Embrace It For Your Online Store

By Sandeep Shetane

Online businesses all around the world work with the prime objective of expanding and achieving the desired targets. It can be a massive challenge to accomplish in such tough competition.

But, if you work and think differently then there is a chance to accomplish the goals you are looking forward to achieve. One of the ways which can help you reach new heights is by investing in online platform like Magento which can take your online business to the next step.

If you are already acquainted with Magento, you might understand what I am trying to convey or if not I have noted pointers which would help you see the bigger picture.

When it comes to using Magento for your online store, there are a number of factors you need to consider to help it grow and bring in the best of opportunities for you. Below mentioned are the twelve signs Magento Enterprise can help online stores with, take a look:

1. Traffic

With marketing and continuous branding solutions, there might be a scenario where your online store is unable to handle the rise of visitors in peak time. This will certainly enhance the cost of development as when it comes to managing things properly, one needs to work on server and code optimization.

To overcome these kinds of situations, Magento Enterprise edition is just the right solution going forward as it will help you with multiple master databases which will make it easier for you to support order management, check out, and make it scalable whatever be the situation. Yes, during the peak time, it will make it easier for the website to manage things without any issues at all.

You can do this by getting yourself connected to a reliable enterprise application development expert like Ambab Infotech.

2. Huge Catalog

Entity Attribute Value (EAV) architecture has been followed by the Magento Enterprise edition. This architecture is basically a model where the attribute-value pair is describing the entity and when it comes to a row in the respective table, it will store a single fact. These kinds of tables are general known as long and skinny where long is referred to the number of rows and skinny is exclusively considered to be a number of columns. The data will be recorded in three columns. So, this will exclusively result in the form of a number of database queries which can decrease the quality of work.

So, to overcome the respective scenario, Magento product and indexing attribute which makes it easier for one to store data in different tables. But, if its huge catalog, it will surely enhance the time for indexing quite significantly. With Magento, you will be assisted with the compatibility of rabbit MQ which will make it easy for you to manage with much more ease and also have multiple databases to resolve any kind of issues related to response and request overhead time.

So, all you need to do is to get Magento development services from Ambab Infotech which will help you manage all your issues by enhancing the database support, streamlining admin experience and make the customer initiated returns easier.

3. Drop-In KPI

If you are experiencing that your website sales are getting lesser then, the time has come that you get yourself connected to Ambab infotech a reliable Magento web development company. Key performance indicators or KPI is taken into consideration for measuring the performance. It is very important to have applications that can be customized as per the latest technology need. Yes, whether it is about development, server optimization or boring, it must get upgraded without any kind of hassle at all. But, it can also bring in quite a problematic situation. But, with the help of Magento, applications are much more easier to be customized without any kind of hassle at all. The reason behind this is the integration of APIs which helps applications to follow the trend.

4. Scalability

With every passing time, when will surely steal their respective services with which we can assist different audiences around the world. But, for this, I also need to work upon their layout and themes which can match according to their respective audience as well. With Magento comedy will be benefited with the visual merchandising and easy to configure themes and layout which will help them give their website a fresh look. So, that shows how scalable the business will become which will help them gain the attention they are looking forward to having.

5. Order Management

Having a mobile-friendly interface of order management will also allow admin to have complete access to the data while on the Moon. So, this will allow them to perform different actions in the form of customer-initiated returns, performance Optimisation, closing the orders, and various other things which will be covered with just a few clicks. So, that shows how important it is for one to have a proper order management which allows the admin to have their needs covered without any kind of hassle at all and that too in the quickest possible time.

6. Development Cost

The Magento Enterprise edition rings in a wide range of attributes that allow your website to get optimized in the best possible way for mobile phones and desktop. Not only that helps you get to the complete benefited but also reduces the chances of any for the changes in the coming time. Below mentioned are few of the attributes which this framework will bring into play, take a look:

7. Visual Merchandising

This attribute will certainly help you with an enhanced customer experience that will certainly allow your audience to remain hook to your services.

8. ElasticSearch

Rest Framework will help you with a wide range of inherent attributes and more than 33 languages which will certainly be a useful advantage to have. It will allow you with the understanding of customers’ spellings and also help you with the attitude of Synonym management so that it can enhance relevancy significantly.

9. Multiple Master Databases

You will be able to use a separate master database is which will make it easy for you to manage your processor without any kind of hassle at all. It will not get your website crashed during its peak time.

10. Varnish Page Caching

It will also help your site to perform well because of the varnish page caching attribute. The website will be fast and effective enough to catch the attention of the audience about them with excellent service.

11. Enhanced Security

You will be able to get to your website designed with the most scalable framework that will bring in security-related attributes in to play. Magento integration can also be done with the use of effective Web API with rest and soap support.

12. Analytics And Reporting

With the help of Magento enterprise edition, you will be benefited with deep analysis and reporting attribute as well. Below mentioned that you will be assisted with:

  • Tax report
  • Sales report
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart report
  • Purchase products report
  • Viewed products report
  • Search terms report
  • Low stock report
  • Product reviews report
  • Sales refunded report
  • Sales invoice report
  • Coupon usage report

So, this shows how Magento plays a big role in helping you enhance your online store experience for customers in the best possible way to be ahead of your competitors all the time. It will help you dominate and survive this competitive field without any hassle at all.

To make use of Magento’s Enterprise edition (Commerce Cloud) to its full capabilities you will need to find a reliable enterprise software development company like us who can deploy features which would suit your business model and take your business to the next level.