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Latest iOS App Development Technology Trends in 2020

By Brandon Netto

Smartphone users are increasing day by day and India is one of the major markets for the smartphone players, both small and big. According to Statista, mobile app revenue will reach around $581.9 billion in 2020. With increasing competition and the use of smartphones, there is a huge need of coming down to the smartphone market by using app development.

iOS is one of the smartphone operating systems Apple has been using for a long time now, and we all know the success it has been over the last few years. In case you are planning to expand the business three-folds, you have to make sure that you stay updated and go mobile for 2020. Also, one of the best ways to stay at the top of your game is to always stay updated with the latest trends in the iOS app development scenario currently, we see around us.

Trends in iOS app development
Trends keep changing with the advancement in technology and most of them are short-lived. But there are a few that are continuously making a name in the tech-industry and impressing everyone with the capabilities that it brings along. One of the iOS development trends can be machine learning or an artificial intelligence which is making rounds in the world of tech for a while now. Here we bring some of the most influential and exceptional trends coming around in the world of iOS app development in 2020.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning is not new to most of us who follow the trend regularly, but it is catching up with impressive speed to provide the best of both worlds. Many businesses are trying to harness the power of ML and AI for achieving exponential growth in their iOS apps. ML and AI help you customize the recommendations as per the customer’s behavior, which is a unique yet powerful feature.

Netflix and Facebook are two major platforms in their respective niche that are leveraging these technologies to the best. Siri is the best example of it. It can now be more trustworthy than before and can answer your questions accurately and precisely.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the biggest trends not only in iOS app development but also in other tech. In the last few years, AR has seen growing popularity for the last few years. Pokemon GO and Dino Trek are examples of how AR is developed and advancing with time. IKEA, one of the leading furniture stores, is also using AR to bring the store to your home for your convenience. It gives users the flexibility to check a piece of furniture for their homes from the app itself, which is a fantastic experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Who would have thought that someday our daily needs may become as smart as our devices, that can take the input from smartphones without you having to get up from your place to switch them on or off? The Internet of Things has made this very much possible and hence one of the most significant trends of iOS app development. Many development companies offer iOS development services in India.

With the internet becoming a necessity, many other things are taking center stage like your smartwatches. They help in collecting your health data for the best results. Maybe check messages and pick calls when you are away from your phone. Isn’t that cool, to never miss an important call just because you had no access to your smartphone.

Wearing a watch is not just about seeing time anymore. Like we mentioned previously, smartwatches are doing a lot more than a normal watch, and why not, tech has to revolutionize the way things are used. You can see the increasing use of smartwatches and fitness trackers, which collects data on the go. Some of the common use of these wearables is to collect health data, keep track of notifications, and may be browsing through social media data.
At the end of 2021, the wearable software market is estimated to reach $62 billion. Isn’t that surprising?
An iOS development company can help you leverage the use of such tech and provide development services for your business to stay on-trend.

Cloud Integration
Cloud technologies are highly used these days, not only because they offer flexibility but also help in achieving collaboration across the globe. You can see experts around the world working together on a single platform for developing one solution or maybe research.
iOS app development companies are most likely to benefit from this though its not limited to them. But the experts with these companies can help you develop a solution for the same in case you have a working idea. You don’t require expertise, know the experts who can help you out with your mind-blowing cloud apps idea. Users can access it on their iOS smartphones to bring the best results.

Now this one will surely impress you. This Apple trend for iOS app development is one of the exciting bits that Apple managed to develop for boosting sales, especially for the retail industry. For instance, let’s say you are shopping with your friend and pass by a store with discounts and offers you didn’t know are put out for promotion. You may miss it, but your friend sees it. She immediately reminds you to look at it and try the sale out. That’s something very usual.
But what if someday you are shopping alone? You don’t have a friend to remind you about the same offers. No worries, Apple developed iBeacon just for you. Beacon is a wireless transmitter that sends signals using Bluetooth technology.

So next time, when your customer passes through your store, a unique Bluetooth signal is sent over Bluetooth to the prospect passing by about the offers and promotions. How is that for a glimpse? Don’t wait for it, be among the few to get this on and grow your business and sales by taking assistance from the iOS development company.

Customers require all-round support nowadays and get instant help for their queries. Customer support can be a great way of making your customers feel important but going forward that might not be enough. Chatbots are a way to go ahead in the competition that can help customers and clients solve queries on the go. This allows companies and customers at the same time. A 24/7 support service is much better since it gives every bit of information online without disturbing anyone.

Security has become a basic necessity when we think about any development. Be it iOS development or website development. There is always a threat of losing personal data, especially the credit and debit card information with the growing use of payment gateways.

All being said, the iOS development trends in 2020 is a must-watch if you are looking forward to building an app that sells the best ideas. Be it an e-commerce app or a basic VR/AR game, iOS app development companies will help you out to pick all the trends and align with your requirements for the fast growth of your business.