How To Hire Magento Developer

How to Hire Magento Developer While Planning To Launch a Website?


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is popular around the world for developing a highly functional ecommerce website. It is basically designed to accommodate huge numbers of SKUs and high website traffic. If you are an ecommerce business owner, you might already be experienced that running an e-commerce business is not an easy task. Suppose you are planning to develop an e-commerce website using the Magento platform. In that case, you must have an efficient and reliable Magneto developer who can handle all the activities seamlessly.

If you are looking to hire Magento Developer, this blog will help you choose the best Magento developer for your website.

Why is the Magento platform in demand?

A survey says more than 4 lakh businesspersons are using the Magento platform to run their business. Brands like Walmart, Adidas are using the Magento platform. Magento e-commerce business tends to have more growth in the coming future.

Common considerations while hiring a Magento developer:

1. Be specific for your Project Requirements

There are many platforms in the market that offer similar kinds of functionalities. You can do almost everything like websites, e-store, blogs, communities, etc. using such platforms. A WordPress developer can develop all the WordPress platform features, from creating contact forms to plugin customization. However, it is not mandatory that a good WordPress developer can be an expert in Magento skills as well. So be specific about the skillset while choosing the right candidate.

2. Fix your goals and objectives

It is necessary that you must be aware of your project goal. You should know the business model and objectives. Once you are sure about the project goals and purpose, you can easily communicate them with the Magento developer.

3. Check out Time and Budget factors

Time and Budget are two important factors for project development. You should be aware of the project allocation factor, how much you want to invest, the revenue generation model, and all. Also, the Project timeline is a vital element. It is very important to communicate the project timeline with your Magento developer; he/ she will also calculate the efforts and assure you of the final deadline.

While hiring a Magento developer, keep in mind three main factors: Project timeline, Budget, and payment schedule.

4. Hiring and Engagement Model

Based on the project requirement, you need to decide on the hiring model, whether it could be freelance, contract-based, task-based, or regular. Based on the workflow, frequency, and promotional strategy, you can choose the Magento developer’s hiring model.

Skills required for Magento Developer:

1. Programming language

A Magento developer should possess basic programming language knowledge. Because while developing a website, proper usage of the programming language is mandatory. Some basic programming languages like PHP Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C++, Python, etc.

2. Certification

It is necessary to have a valid certification for Magento Skills. A developer should have sound knowledge of Magento 2 and complete Magento e-commerce store deployment knowledge.

3. CMS development Skills

A Magento developer needs to have CMS development skills. He/she should be able to develop a shopping cart, Magento modules, customer extension development, ecommerce solutions, etc.

4. E-Commerce integration 

Today, E-commerce integration skills have a high demand in the market. A Magento developer should be able to manage customer targeting, customer expenses, and many more. E-commerce integration is a must-have skill for a Magento developer.

5. Database management skills

While working with an e-commerce store, one has to deal with a huge amount of data. So database management skill is a must for a Magento developer. Database technologies are important for managing the store, processes, and customer management.

How to hire a Magento Developer?

1. Go for referrals

Searching for a Magento developer is quite tricky. You can probably search for it in your friend’s and colleagues’ networks. Referrals could give you the most suitable candidate for your choice. You can ask your family, friends, networks for a trusted candidate. LinkedIn could be the best option for a quick search for suitable candidates.

2. Check the portfolio and online activities

You can check out the online presence of the candidate and his/her portfolio. Platforms such as Clutch, GitHub, Dribble, and LinkedIn can help you shortlist the most suitable candidate as per your requirement.

3. Trusted and reliable Magento Development Company

If you want to ensure quality and timely delivery, you can search for a good Magento development company. Companies such as Ambab can offer you high-quality and reliable Magento development services at affordable pricing. You will also get constant support post-deployment. If you plan to launch an Ecommerce store with the Magento platform, you are in the right place. We at Ambab provide the best-in-class Magento development services with our expert team of developers.