How AI, Cross-Platform App Frameworks, and Multi-Cloud Solutions Are Going To Dominate 2020

By Harpreet Singh

Nothing is permanent. Time is changing so is the globe. Today technology is a major driving factor in the world!! We all will get affected by the trends in technology with vibrant and continuous changes. 

Let us discuss some pertinent factors which are going to dominate 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence:

Day by day there is a significant growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence and AI-based products are gradually arriving into our houses and workplaces. There is an ongoing debate on the positive and negative side of AI. However, AI is not only limited to smart gadgets or automation, but It is also much more than that. 

With vast advancement, AI can solve many challenges in the world. Robotics is one of the advanced branches of AI, where human tasks and processes are getting automated through Robotic processes. There are many tasks when the human assignment is either costly or complex. Robotics plays a vital role in this condition. 

Machine learning
is again another wing of AI. It mainly focuses on the algorithms, training tools, big data applications for classification, and prediction analysis. Google, Amazon, Microsoft are key brands that use ML prominently. 

Virtual agents
are nothing but artificial intelligent based online customer care representatives. It is an intelligent computer conversing with customers and answers customer queries. These virtual agents are getting widely used in E-commerce, online markets, healthcare industries, smart cities, and many more.

The biometric sector
is also booming in the AI market to identify, measure, and analyze the Human Body structure. It triggers Human and machine communication in a streamlined way. It also recognizes Human body language, interactions (speech, touch), etc. It is a major component in the security field. 

Deep learning
is another segment of AI with a massive scope in the future. It can be beneficial in health care industries, precise patient analysis for accurate medicine, automotive marketing, customer analysis, and demand analysis, and so on—- Almost 50% businessmen think that AI will have a huge impact on the Marketing, demands, production and entire business channel. In short, AI can help in decision making, automation, Data prediction, and analysis for better strategic planning. It will improve accuracy and reduce human errors. However, with the increase in the usage of AI, there is a threat of lowering the workforce community. It will have a major impact on Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Transportation, Media, etc.

Cross-Platform App Frameworks

From the past few years, cross-platform app framework development is becoming more popular in the market. It allows the developer to create apps for different platforms with a single code and saves time, effort, and money. There are many advantages and disadvantages of cross-platform app frameworks. 

A developer has to decide the target audience, complexity, price, and time before finalizing the app frameworks. If the audience is diverse and comprises of different platforms then cross-platform development is the best solution. Native development is not a cost-effective and speedy approach. Building a separate application is neither fast nor cheap. So a cross-platform development is always feasible where you outsource small but professional teams which are a reasonable and time-saving solution. Let us consider the benefits of Cross-platform app development:

Wider audience reaches:

While developing any mobile application, it is recommended to focus on the business preferences, so making the mobile app for iOS as well as Android system is always profitable. Using a cross-platform app, you can develop the app for different operating systems. 

Easier to Maintain CodeBase: 

A single codebase can be used in multiple operating systems; which saves time, money, and efforts as well. It is also easier to maintain a single code base for different platforms.   

Faster go to market:

Apart from one codebase, cross-platform app development reduces the launch time with cheaper and easy deployment facilities. It ultimately saves a large part of the initial project cost. 

Along with all the above advantages, cross-platform app development may sometimes lower the UX and UI performance. It gives high performance but hardware compatibility issues. 

Multi-Cloud Solutions

This is another important factor that will dominate 2020. Cloud solutions are increasingly becoming popular due to less cost, reliability, and scalability advantages. It is beneficial for small scale and medium scale businesses. 

Multi-cloud means using more than one cloud platform for specialized application services. This multi-cloud facility allows you to utilize the strength and capabilities of every single cloud. Companies are using services from multiple clouds based providers like AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba cloud, and many new players. 

Why Multi-clouded approach is beneficial?

  • Different cloud partners are combined to cater to your unique business needs and increase business scalability. 
  • Working with different cloud partners, lessens the dependability on a single provider, thus avoid the trap of being locked by a single cloud service provider
  • Every cloud service provider comes with its own tools and strengths; you can utilize the tools and strength of each cloud partner as per your business requirement. 
  • It is challenging for DDoS attackers to decode the multi cloud-based system. So your system is more secure than any other system. 

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