Effectiveness of Omnichannel Order Management System

By Ambab Infotech

We live in a world where information is available at our fingertips, which has impacted the market place as well. Shopping is no longer straightforward. Today’s path to purchase has entirely changed that either involves multiple steps and multiple mediums like online, market, and in-store or as simple as just a click of a mouse.

However, this has changed things massively for brands and retailers selling directly to consumers. They are facing competition from all corners, especially from the customers’ side. With the world being more and more connected, the consumers’ expectations are getting higher.

85% of consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

To meet the customers’ demand, it is important for today’s Order Management System to include advanced cross-channel functionalities to enable brands and retailers to manage sophisticated customer orders. The heightened customer’s expectations have forced them to adopt omnichannel strategies.

Automating the sales process and enabling employees to manage by exceptions minimize mistakes and maximize opportunities to make fulfillment a strategic differentiator for your business.


Optimizing Fulfillment Across Channels

Order Management System or OMS, at its core, evaluates all supply sources and channels to find the best way to fulfill an order with automated and intelligent order sourcing and allocation. In simple terms, an active Omnichannel OMS should make your complex fulfillment decisions much easier.

For example, a complete order is not executed from the closest source, the system runs through the option of splitting the order across sources by distance, without restrictions on fulfillment source or location and, if required, back-order to the closest source.

The best thing about Omnichannel OMS is that it tells you the best way for a specific order without an employee touching it. It can resolve problems when something goes wrong with the order. If there is a shortage in the inventory at the location where it is supposed to be, the system automatically chooses the next best site. It reroutes the shipment from an earlier site.

Let’s take a look at how the Omnichannel Order Management System is useful for Retailers.


  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Omnichannel OMS helps in collating the data and providing the details of the closest possible fulfillment centers. By ensuring e-commerce and in-store channels can be utilized for fulfillment in delivering the package to customers, retailers are better able to serve them. By adapting to Omnichannel functionality, also let the retailers provide more options to customers without decreasing utilization.


  • Decreased Labour Cost

Reducing the time and labour dedicated to ensuring the optimum movement of inventory will mean notable savings. Staff members who were previously involved in order planning can spend their time on more value-added tasks that can lead to additional revenue generation. Also, in-store staff can handle a more significant part of order fulfillment, which helps in reducing the load on warehouse employees and optimizing the labour force.


  • Decreased Shipping Costs

The OMS guides in finding the cheapest way to get an order to reach the customer and still meeting their expectations or quick delivery. Since it is delivered from the closest location, retailers can significantly reduce their shipping costs.


  • Increased Sales and Margins

When a buyer gets additional delivery options, the chances of conversion increases. For instance, in-store pick-up is vital for someone who needs a product right away. Safety stock will dramatically reduce, though not eliminated, with an Order Management System. Since any order can be fulfilled regardless of channel, maintenance of safety stock is no longer necessary. While allowing all channels to sell, retails can keep inventory in retail stores.


The Big Picture

It is not possible to have an omnichannel strategy without a functionally rich and reliable OMS. It helps you to deliver exceptional customer experience at a lower and sustainable cost.

Successfully integrating and connecting all parts of the supply chain that leads to a seamless customer experience indicates the effectiveness of your Omnichannel Order Management System. As we know, the trend for e-commerce will only grow bigger with time, investing in an effective OMS today would be in your best interest. It will also provide higher profitability and accountability to your company in the world, where everything is moving towards digitization, if not moved yet.

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