eCommerce Website Development

E-commerce Website Development – An Essential Approach for Business Growth

By Rushit Dawda

According to Statista (statistics portal for market data), they state that close to 329.1 million people are projected to purchase products and services online in India by 2020.

Businesses used to be hesitant to opt for developing an eCommerce website but these days the tables have turned as businesses such as Myntra, Lenskart, Pepperfry, Under Armour, Urban Ladder first opted to go online and then open offline stores.

An Essential approach for businesses to grow in this day and age is to develop your own eCommerce store. We have highlighted a few pointers that explain how an eCommerce website development can give a boost to your business:

1. Connecting With a Bigger Audience

With the help of an eCommerce development company, you will be able to develop your eCommerce store which will give you an opportunity to showcase your products to a global audience.

Developing a Multi-store front feature that an eCommerce platform provides you can target different countries depending on your choice. By using the Multilingual and Multi-currency feature, you can target any part of the world using their local language and local currency.

This will not only give you a bigger audience but also make your brand known worldwide. This shows how e-commerce website development can completely change your business dynamics and take your business to another level.

This is one of the most important reasons why you must not hesitate and invest your time in e-commerce online store which will certainly give you access to export globally and exclusively enhance your sales.

2. Diversify Business Model And Approach

The best part of bringing your products online is that the customers will be able to check with the price, reviews and also the availability of the product in a span of a few minutes.

Having an offline and online store both give you an advantage, customers are able to browse the different varieties of your products right at their fingertips, they can visit your store and try it out and then purchase it. This also helps in upselling and cross-selling as it brings in more footfalls to your store.

3. Inventory Management

It is not possible for one to display your entire inventory in your retail stores as space is quite restricted. But, having an online store makes things easier for you as you can display your whole catalog. Also, you can sync all of your offline store’s inventory with your online store. With an online store, you will be able to track your inventory with ease. You will be able to check with the ones which are out of stock and the ones which are not much in demand quite easily.

So, this will certainly make it easier for you to get your store inventory managed without any kind of difficulty. You will have the entire report in front of you and it will make it easier for you to make your decisions.

You can provide features such as “Click and Collect” where customers can see the availability of the product they want and collect the product from any of the nearest stores. Businesses can provide a “Reserve and Collect” option where if customers want they can reserve the product from the store and order it to their desired location.

4. Influencing Customers

Ecommerce website development can help you provide customers a unique customer experience. Customizing the look and feel of your website according to the genre you cater to is what an Ecommerce development company brings to the table.

Using features such as Push Notifications, Abandon Cart, etc. you can influence your customer’s decision. Also, customer’s using your online store can view the entire catalog on their fingertips, wherein you can up-sell and cross-sell a variety of products on the product display page.

5. Monitoring Your Audience

By integrating your platform with Analytics applications such as Google Analytics, CleverTap, Saras Analytics, Pyze, etc. you will able to analyze customer’s behavior and map out touchpoints in which you can engage your audience. You will be able to assess the sales generated from your Ecommerce online store and understand how the audience is reacting to your products and services. This will certainly help you strategize ahead and design your online store accordingly so that it can grab the maximum attention and enhance your sales.

So, this gives your great chance to target your audience according to their specific needs which will certainly give you the opportunity to push up the sales without much hassle.

6. Low Maintenance Expense

While comparing brick and mortar stores and eCommerce stores there is a huge difference in the amount invested and maintenance required, eCommerce stores have lower amounts of investment and maintenance. If you have a professional eCommerce development service provider like us onboard they will act as your technology partner and guide you on how to improve your online business. Online stores have a possibility of getting issues and bugs but if you got the right technology partner you can have it fixed with the help of the respective professionals. With an online platform, you will be able to reach the global market and get your returns better without having to invest much.

Final Words

So, this shows how buying and selling of products have literally changed. It is very important that you follow the latest approach with the help of technological advancements because it brings a lot of bigger opportunities for you to succeed. While choosing an eCommerce development company keep in mind a few things such as their portfolio, their offerings, and pricing. Finding the right eCommerce service provider is as essential as developing your eCommerce website.