omni channel ecommerce

Customer Experience lies at the center of every digital transformation

By Ambab Infotech

Today’s hyper connected and intelligent customer searches multiple channels, does proper comparison before finally making a purchase. This makes it necessary for the retailers to provide a unified and seamless customer experience across all the channels. Omni channel commerce refers to unifying the experience of a customer across both online and offline channels. In addition, it provides the following benefits to the retailers:

  • Multiple opportunities to gain insights into customers buying journey and preferences from multiple engagement points
  • Multiple opportunities to influence a customer which results in increase in sales by providing convenience
  • Improved customer perception and engagement through multiple channels

Success of your Omni channel implementation is very important to drive growth.

It can start with physical stores which are the native customer touch-point by enhancing buying experience. There are multiple technologies that could be implemented like IOT, Cloud based POS, Augmented Reality, shop in store-pay online etc. by which physical store shopping experience can be personalized and brought at par with online shopping experience

You could improve your customer’s online shopping experience by optimizing their order fulfillment and getting them their required product as soon as possible from the nearest store possible.

There are lot of customers who are apprehensive of buying online because they aren’t sure of color, size, etc or they want it right away. Now, you can provide them a “click and collect” option to reserve a product and collect it at the nearest store. This also helps you reduce your inventory and shipping cost.

You could also improve your chances of converting a customer by providing them with additional in store assistance by providing them information about a product that isn’t currently available at a specific store.

Ambab is a pioneer in successfully delivering large multichannel transformation programs for retailers. An Omni channel implementation wouldn’t be successful without having an effective order management system which will help you with:

  • Customer engagement
  • Optimizing order fulfilment and return management
  • Seamless integration to have a Single View of Customer
  • Seamless integration to achieve cross channel inventory visibility
  • Delivering the most efficient supply chain through robust order allocation engine

With time, it will help increase consumer loyalty, increase repeat purchases, drive revenue growth and reduce operating costs.