ecommerce Website Redesign

Checklist to Consider during Your ecommerce Website Redesign

By Ambab Infotech

Your ecommerce website serves as a marketing tool. It’s a sales pitch, a business card, a product/services display, an advertisement, and a listing all rolled into one. Each of these functions is critical to your brand’s online and offline performance. When you consider your website in this light, the design becomes even more significant. You may even begin to reconsider your overall appearance, or perhaps you have been doing so for some time.

An ecommerce Redesign accomplishes several goals for your company on many levels. It can increase your marketing by making your site more user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful. However, there are a few essential factors to keep in mind before diving in. Here are some things to think about before embarking on eCommerce Website Redesign.

  • Check out what is wrong with your current eCommerce website

You must first identify which components and characteristics of your ecommerce website design to improve before you can make wise modifications.

What elements of your design are functioning correctly? Analyze your data to see what your visitors find helpful and what they don’t. Everything that isn’t working is disposable; you can and should get rid of it or enhance it.

Because your ecommerce website design directly impacts your online marketing results, employing analytics to make informed decisions is essential. What pages aren’t receiving a lot of traffic? Gather these data to assist you in making key decisions regarding your future.

  • Set a SMART goal for New ecommerce website

Your ecommerce website redesign should have goals, just like any other project. Set goals for how well your website performs in SEO and marketing, not just how good it appears or how flashy it is. That isn’t to suggest that a decent overall appearance doesn’t help with marketing – it does. However, if you concentrate just on appearances and ignore function, you will completely miss the point.

The alternative to an essential website that functions flawlessly for the user is significantly preferable. A website with a lot of visual effects and complex coding will undoubtedly have problems. (Think poor page load times, difficult-to-find navigation, or muddled page links.) All of these factors will irritate your visitor, which is the last thing you want to happen.

Setting a goal like “Improving Page Rank and Traffic” will at the very least help you maintain your current page rank and traffic.

Don’t fix the URL

Just because you’re redesigning your website doesn’t mean you have to alter everything, especially the URL. Keeping the Page name and URL together may be useful. However, if you feel that updating the URL is necessary, go ahead and do so.


Prepare redirects for all URLs that have changed.

If you’ve updated your URL, the first item on your to-do list should be redirecting old URLs to new ones. Here’s a tip: To test the redirection, make a spreadsheet of all the URLs on the old and new sites.

You’ll need to figure out which URLs have changed and for which you haven’t yet put up a redirect:

  • Open the 404-page list you got from the last test site crawl.
  • On your initial test site crawl, look for the title of the 404 pages. Set up a redirect in. htaccess from the old URL to the new URL if there is a match.
  • For each 404 URL, repeat the process.
  • If you come across a 404 that doesn’t have a matching title tag during your final test site scan, look for keywords or meta descriptions that match.
  • If the test site doesn’t have any good matching pages, make a note of it in your spreadsheet and leave the 404 in place. In step 6, you’ll make sure there aren’t any links referring to the page that’s gone missing.

SEO – Ongoing SEO

You can’t just employ SEO once and be done with it. After the redesign is complete and the monitoring phase has begun, you may return to assessing the new site’s performance and restart your regular optimization plan.

Retaining your old ecommerce website

If you run into a technical problem, having the old site available could come in handy. Just make sure the old site is on a temporary web address that a crawler can’t reach.

Ecommerce website Performance (Page loading Speed)

Can you wait for a web page to load for an extended period of time? Is it really only 5 seconds? Is it really only ten seconds? Unless you don’t have another option for that site, don’t go any farther. As a result, page loading speed is more significant than you might believe, and you should think about it when redesigning your ecommerce website.

Avoid Duplication of Content

Those who manage distinct sites for desktop and mobile may find this difficult. The issue here is that the URLs for the desktop and mobile sites are different, but the content is identical. This can have a significant negative impact on SEO and page rank. To address this problem, determine which material is more important and have it indexed accordingly.

Team Communication

Communication between website developers and SEO professionals is crucial, aside from the technical components. Ascertain that the developers are given accurate information.

Infinite Scrolling

Enabling this feature on your website may be difficult. Simply put, this strategy allows the user to scroll over the website’s content without having to click the “Load more” button. For example, if you have infinite scrolling enabled on your website, which has roughly 50 pages, and you only show about 10 current posts, the search engine robots won’t be able to track all 50 pages. Because search engine robots crawl websites via links, this is the case.

To Conclude

Redesigning an ecommerce site is a natural element of the branding process. Redesigns keep your brand relevant and your message clear, can improve the user experience substantially, and may be required to keep up with changing online standards. Simultaneously, redesigns might result in the loss of SEO authority and search traffic. You may have enjoyed our website redesign advice and taken notes on our recommendations, but if you’re looking for an ecommerce website redesign, Ambab is here to help!