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Best Practices to Be Followed By Magento Extension Developers


It is not always possible to develop a Magento module from scratch in a timely and cost-effective manner. It’s sometimes preferable to buy a ready-to-use solution from Magento Marketplace. Fortunately, there are a variety of modules to choose from. They enable the completion of various tasks and implement a wide range of functions, even for one-of-a-kind requirements. Let us discuss some Best Practices to be followed by Magento Extension developers in this blog.

What is an Extension quality program?

Magento expertise, development rules, and verification tools enable the Extension Quality Program, ensuring that extensions have a logical and efficient coding structure, acceptable performance and scalability, and are compatible with the Magento core. You may check the status of your submission by logging into your Marketplace account. We’ll inform you why and fix your submission if it doesn’t pass our technical or marketing reviews. Your successful submissions will be posted on the Marketplace unless you specify otherwise.

If nothing suitable matches your requirements and you’ve noticed that others with comparable demands have difficulty finding a solution, it’s now your turn. Develop and sell your Magento Marketplace plugin.

Magento examines each extension’s structure and code and tests for indications of virus/malware infection and plagiarism as part of the review process. A Magento engineer does a detailed technical audit and sanity check as part of the assessment. Magento also verifies that all product reviews on the Marketplace are genuine and current. It’s worth noting that the Marketplace has excellent search functionality; all items are sorted into straightforward collections, making it simple for customers to find your module.

Magento Extension Developers’ Best Practices

We’ll go through a few key points that can assist newcomers in improving the quality of their code and experienced developers brush up on their skills:

  • Remove extraneous code and comments, prevent duplicating code, and adhere to a set of coding standards (PSR) to make your code more legible, consistent, and manageable.
  • Unit testing is an important part of writing good code. It guarantees that the code you create is functional. It is worth emphasizing that unit testing is a distinct procedure that should be completely automated with no manual intervention.
  • Design your extensions using the Service Contract method.
  • Directly using $ _REQUEST, $ _POST, $ _GET, and $ _FILES is not recommended.
  • Use the IDE to make the development process go more quickly and smoothly. A debugger is included in most IDEs and can be used to test problematic code regions. In the project settings, the IDE can also automatically format the code for a particular PSR. Version control, syntax checking, and project management will save you time while simultaneously improving the quality of your code.
  • Incorporate PHPDoc into your projects.
  • For function integrations and functionality expansion, use XML templates.
  • Instead of hard-coding logic in controllers, use more flexible structures for common logic.
  • Check out how Magento can help you extend your functionality. Magento setup / PHP bin: di: assemble.
  • Experiment with the extension with the cache turned on and off.
  • Varnish is a good choice. As a result, response times will be faster, and fewer queries will be sent straight to Magento. Varnish can speed up the return of cached content while reducing response time and network bandwidth use.

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