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Digital Transformation is not just for the retail but also other sectors

By Ambab Infotech

The age of digital transformation has been brought about by the continuous and rapid development of digital and software technologies. Almost every industrial sector has been affected by the changes brought by new technological solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud platforms, data analytics, and social media among others. The digital revolution has long been upon us. Ideas and concepts that were once considered novel have now become a staple in the marketplace. Almost every industrial sector has altered their practices to meet the demands of the digitized world, not just the retail sector.

Most management processes and industrial operations today can be digitized and automated. Through the use of such technologies, companies are cutting costs, improving their efficiencies, and finding out new ways to satisfy their customers. Access to real-time information allows businesses to navigate better in this competitive marketplace, and data analytics has helped them understand their customers better. All of this leads to better and more informed decision making and an increase in the ROI.

An Overview of the Various Sectors

Some of the major industrial sectors that have been affected and the way they are adopting new technologies are mentioned below:

The Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector has probably seen one of the most disruptive and large-scale changes. It first began with robotic arms and manipulators. Through the use of online e-commerce portals, most manufacturing industries today maintain their relationships with customers and suppliers without any hassle using these online portals. Added to this, their manufacturing lines have evolved into autonomous entities through IoT. All the sub assemblies and the main assembly line can be integrated into a smart system using IoT

The Automotive Sector

The automotive sector has embraced the digital transformations brought about by emerging technologies. One of the biggest examples of this is the development of autonomous/self-driving cars. Most automobile companies today are pursuing the development of their own autonomous vehicles. These vehicles are always online and send and receive data in real-time to understand their surroundings. Various concepts go into making these self-driving cars. Through IoT, the cars remain connected to each other and coordinate to navigate safely. Through the use of AI, controls are specified that take various actions depending upon the road conditions. Added to this, customers today purchase their cars from online portals which are operated by the automotive companies. Customers can choose to customize their cars in any way they see fit on the portal itself, which shows live data regarding the products.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is one area where digital technologies, such as software platforms for managing inventories, have played an immensely beneficial role. Hospitals, for example, have assets such as medical samples, chemicals, drugs, procedures, and other aspects, all of which today are scheduled, tracked, and managed through digital dashboards and management software. The process of inventory management in hospitals has been completely digitized. Added to this, through the use of QR codes and barcodes and integrating them with a cloud platform, all kinds of medical assets can be tracked and located. There are also many kinds of digital technologies available in the healthcare industry such as compact and digital EEG and ECG readers, which has reduced the process time and has given easy access to these tests. Hospitals today are also establishing their online helpdesks, where the digital copies of prescriptions and tests can be easily found and downloaded

Marketing and Advertising Sector

Managing databases involve keeping track of and categorizing each and every piece of information within the company. Operational data, company goals, employee information, managerial data, reports, and records among others need to be maintained and given access to in times of need. Searching for critical information from this sea of records proved to be a daunting task in the days before AI and online databases. Through the collection and analysis of big data and metadata, advertising and marketing firms are working with better quality data that helps them generate accurate customer profiles.

Businesses hiring executives today need to first categorize the activities into jobs that are handled by humans and that are handled by machines. Employers then need to identify the skill sets that would be called for in this automated job environment. Since significant investments are made into the existing manpower, they must be properly trained and utilized.




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