AWS Cloud Computing

7 Key Benefits Of Using AWS For Your Cloud Computing Needs

By Pramod Umashankar

Businesses are growing three-fold, thanks to the ever-evolving internet technologies like cloud. There are many things that cloud computing changed and the way things were pursued before we realized cloud computing as a concept. Its applications have made operations so simpler that everything is available at the tip of your finger.
Amazon Web Services is the best example of how cloud computing helped Amazon in building a huge infrastructure on the web that can be operated from a browser without any hassles. Plus, it also minimized the use of infrastructure on the business end. From servers to databases and hosting, everything can be managed easily from one single dashboard.

AWS is a cloud computing platform aimed at providing services to businesses, that otherwise might require a lot of to and fro. You might want to have huge servers to take care of all the data of your business. Now maintaining those servers might require investment and paying electricity bills. AWS offers a pay-as-you-go service to make sure that you don’t have to go through all these hassles to build your business.
Did you know? By 2015, AWS infrastructure used 25% renewable energy of its total power consumption. Also, Reddit, Netflix, NASA, and Expedia run their applications on AWS.
AWS is a tool that is capable of performing all the IT operations or almost all IT operations from one single user interface. It reduces the use of huge infrastructure to manage IT workflows and also helps in maintaining the pace of the company. Here are a few benefits of using AWS cloud computing solutions.

1. Flexibility

One of the major reasons to move your business on AWS cloud provider is the flexibility that it offers. It can do everything according to your needs, and it includes everything. The operating system, programming language, application platform, and many other services you need.

2. Cost-effective

As we have already discussed, the AWS cloud computing platform works on the PAYG model. That means you don’t have to pay for the services you use every time you use them. You can buy it once and then renew the subscription when it is needed. Also, the cost of on-site infrastructure is saved.

3. Reliability

When it comes to online tools, reliability is the fundamental question for most of us. AWS is a reliable option for all your business needs making it just the best and secure global computing infrastructure.

4. Scalability

The Amazon S3’s auto-scaling and elastic load balancing (ELB) come together to scale up your applications as per demands and, in turn, improve the performance on-demand.

5. Security

Yet another fundamental problem with many modern-day web apps. AWS changes it all with its end to end approach to secure the infrastructure from all sides: be it physical, operational, or software wise.

6. Productivity

Productivity is another important advantage that AWS offers. Once you start using AWS for all-day IT operations, to minimize the risk associated with housing an internal IT infrastructure. It also saves the costs and time required in hiring the support staff and the resources spent in maintaining the in-house IT infrastructure.

7. Innovative

Innovation rather than competitive pricing is the key that actually wins customers over for AWS. Amazon’s dedication to innovation has helped them grow bounds in terms of the services that they offer.

In a nutshell
AWS is gaining popularity over the years, and the above benefits justify it well for what it is. Everything with AWS is about improving productivity, providing a convenient user interface for the smooth working of your company on the cloud.