AWS Development and Consulting Services

Ambab provides you with complete Cloud Consultation. We help businesses set-up, migrate, and create infrastructures on the cloud. We provide 24/7 cloud support and maintenance services. Our team consists of certified cloud engineers and solution architects


Why Ambab FOR AWS?

  • AWS Certified solution architects
  • Our team of certified cloud solution architects designs highly scalable & resilient cloud-native solutions
  • 10+ years of broad experience in most of the domains gives us headstart understanding your business, identify issues quickly and offer well thought tailored solutions
  • Cloud managed services come with best in class SLAs which in turn improves application SLAs
  • We offer 24/7 support for your cloud applications and make sure 100% availability

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Continuous integration and deployment

Developers don't have to wait for the deployment to happen on the development server. Build server automatically detects code push, runs automated tests and deploys on a development server.

Infrastructure Autoscaling​

One of the best offerings of the cloud is the provisioning of additional server capacity in seconds. We take advantage of this and configure the server stack to upscale automatically when the load increases and downscale when the load goes down.

Serverless Computing​

Clouds nowadays offer a serverless infrastructure which means you don't need a server to run your applications. Instead, AWS provisions computing units only when users access the application. This could be a few milliseconds and you are charged only for that.

High Availability​

All our applications are designed to offer high availability. We ensure that there is no single point of failure in the system which could compromise uptime of the application.

Infrastructure As A Code​

All infrastructure components and configurations are maintained as a script. This script could be used to re-create the entire setup in a few minutes.

Blue-Green Deployments​

This strategy to deploy applications allows you to test the changes safely with the exact same production environment. Once tested you can decide to take the changes live or reject at your comfortable time.

Database Scaling​

We have proven experience with horizontal scaling of relational databases using master-slave(s) and master-master strategy.

Scheduled Jobs​

Businesses often need to run some periodic jobs. e.g. lengthy reports, imports/exports, etc. Our well-tested tools provide better control over these jobs and allows you to run them in particular order, time and send alerts on failure


Well thought backup policies ensure your data is always backed up on alternative storage and allows you point-in-time recovery. We use multiple types of backup services on the cloud to reduce data storage costs. This does not compromise with the availability of backup data.

Security Management

Security is of paramount importance nowadays as advanced threats to sensitive applications are often reported Cloud services offer built-in security to your infrastructure with ways to assess it. We offer security audit services for the applications and ways to mitigate threats.

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