What are Facebook paid likes, and why not to buy them

Wed, Feb 11, 2015 - 7:55

By Neil Dodhia

Facebook is growing and how, with 1.27 billion users worldwide with a big chunk coming from India alone. They also keep acquiring other giants like Instagram and WhatsApp. This makes them an important marketing platform. Many companies have started allocating a large proportion of their marketing budget for Social Media, TCS had quoted that spending on social media will reach $22 million in 2014, the actuals are rumored to be much higher. So yes basically Social media is not the next big thing, it’s already pretty big.

When it comes to marketing on Social media, first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is Facebook marketing and in Facebook it’s always to get more ‘Likes’ for a page. There are 2 ways of getting likes:

1. Advertise on Facebook, you can start by visiting
2. Visit any of these sites like, etc (Google search ‘buy Facebook likes’ and you will get hundreds of results).

It is important to know how both the options work:

When you advertise through Facebook itself: While advertising on Facebook you target your audience depending upon your requirement (example: Location, Age, Gender, Interests etc.). Facebook will show your ads to the target audience.

When you advertise through 3rd party like There is no targeting here, you give them a small amount and you will get the agreed amount of ‘likes’. These companies have tie-ups with people in developing countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. where all they have to do is ‘Like’ a page whenever asked for, these people are paid as less as Rs. 50 for liking 100 pages. That’s why it is so cheap. Also once liked they do absolutely nothing with the page, most probably they will never open it again.

Many of the marketers go for the second option as it is much cheaper compared to the first one. The second option might get you a lot of likes but it’s not helping you in any way, in fact it’s affecting your engagement and reach. Here’s how:

Facebook post reach depends upon how interesting is your post for your audience. If you have gone with option 1 because your post is interesting & your fans will engage with the post (like, share, comment) it will reach wider audience, whereas if you go with option 2 because the audience is ‘fake’ there will be zero engagement.

Here’s a small chart of how it works:

So, the conclusion is fake likes can increase your fan base but it really won’t help, in fact it will impact your page engagement.

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