The one thing you can’t teach a Coder!

Mon, May 18, 2015 - 17:22

By Bhavik Jhaveri

Coders are like sponge.

You basically can’t be a coder if you aren’t restlessly curious about ideas, technology, and logic — constantly remixing those ingredients in your head to find new and better ways of doing things.

Because coders are so intellectually agile, they can learn almost anything if exposed to the right vectors, whether its high-performing peers, experienced mentors, academic environment, direct trial-and-error or Google!

My work as the CEO of Ambab isn’t focused only on the company, but also very importantly focused on the people of our company, helping extraordinarily smart and creative people reach their full potential as creators, builders and engineers.

Whenever I meet someone with the intellectual and emotional capacity to be a coder, I want to do whatever I can to help them realize their goal.

But there’s one thing that can’t be taught —

It’s an awkward truth about a successful coder — at the deepest levels of their psyche, often hidden even from themselves; they have a hunger that they can’t control.

This hunger goes by many names — anxiety, learning, ambition, competitive drive, and the will to win.

You can’t teach a coder to be hungry

For every successful coder I know the story is the same. Somewhere along the way someone important to them introduced them to the world of computers and that ignited their zeal to learn and learn every possible thing a computer can do, that is the story of their lives. These are the people who seem to be deprived of happiness. They’re teased by friends, doubted by their families, and are socially most inactive. They got introduced to 20 hours of exploring and sleepless nights, and breaking things embedded in them by this searing experience. This becomes a nuclear core fueling their relentless drive for the rest of their lives, long after they have proven the world wrong.

No matter how brilliant a product team is, if one member of that team doesn’t carry this hunger that project’s chances of success go from low to infinitesimal.

It can’t be taught — in fact it would be wrong to try, but it can be seeded into the culture at the most fundamental level to produce the unstoppable Coder

Coders aren’t born but made, first by the hunger, than by the hurt world gives them and then by their lifelong fight to feed that hunger into something beautiful and strong at every stage.

Coders are Rock stars- And Coders who learn to bank and control this fire are among the most productive and effective engineers in the world.

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