Learning how-to-code WILL make you smarter.

Wed, Feb 4, 2015 - 4:30

By Raj Agrawal

This write-up is NOT about mastering the art of coding, or be THAT socially-inept nerd with a weird hair style. It’s simply about how ANYONE; yes ANYONE with willingness can learn the 'basics' of coding, and gain huge benefits in other areas of life. And as a matter of fact, you don’t have to be a full time coder to earn them.

Here are a few reasons why-

● It teaches you how to think

Let’s take an example, if you have ever taken a single decision in your life, be it as small as deciding what to eat for lunch today or making a big career move, writing a program is no different. There’s a common set of syntaxes (a technical term for making use of vocabulary in programming) to do so.
IF (the situation = this)
     DO this
     DO this
Sounds easy, right?
And similarly, the entire program will be a series of your ideas on how YOU want your program to behave. Over a period of time, repetition and practice, this process will eventually help you get used to this methodical thinking, and help you think better in real.

● The skill can be acquired for free and there are people willing to help you

If you have the will to learn, the internet is yours. It’s loaded with a massive number of resources to help you successfully write your first program and even a game, with all the help you need. At some point, you will get stuck writing your code and need that one help to get you going. So for this, you have access to communicate with highly experienced programmers who have been there, done that, and are happy to help you. All of this - for FREE.
Amongst the massive pool of internet resources, one of the most popular and notable communities to ask for help and “learn” (and not just get) your solutions is Heck! There is a website that will help you learn and master algorithms and other areas of problem solving -

● You'll have access to better employment and earning opportunities

I’ve said this earlier - you don’t have to choose programming as a full time career to avail better employment and earning opportunities. Whatever you learn, turns into a skill. More skills make you open to wider job opportunities. A banker can be a coder, and average gamer can be a coder, a chai wala can be a coder too. Anyone!

● Helps you understand computers a little better than the non-programmers

When you write your first ‘1+2=3’ program, or anything simple for that matter, you will notice your mind and a computer doesn’t work very different. Though your mind may not be as quick as a computer, you will realize how familiar the calculation process is. The entire flow of your code will be how you will make a well planned decision, in real life.

● It makes you wiser

If you chose to continue learning, and get more comfortable with writing programs, you will learn to appreciate the hard work that goes into making great software. And learning to appreciate the work of others makes you wiser.

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