7 Learnings from our CEO

Mon, May 18, 2015 - 17:23

By Krupali Zaveri

While the journey at Ambab so far has been wonderful, I realise there is much more than the salary that I have earned here. Though, ideally, one would expect that the work has to be interesting, stress free and of course, well paid… some would also say, challenging!
I would define WORK as –


Having worked with Bhavik, (CEO, Founder – Ambab), I have learnt several things, have developed and improved on several skills. If I were to summarise my learnings, I would share 7 key learnings from him, as follows –

1.Do not be afraid to do things that matter!

Whatever is to be done… is to be Done. The biggest achievement is to show courage. Bhavik has been the kind of leader that is prepared to face failure rather than be afraid and not attempt it. What I have learnt is – Either you do and you fail and you are determined to do it better or if you do it right in the first go… You have just earned an opportunity to make one more mistake. The feeling of fear to go wrong is better than the fear of looking back and saying, only if I would have….

2.Be Workaholic!

Oh come on, which Boss wouldn’t say that! Right? Well, Wikipedia says, it simply means “Enjoy your work”. True, no? Isn’t that what most of the people look for? But with world getting more and more competitive and people getting more and more prone to living a stressful life, the term ‘Workaholic’ sounds tragic (Yes, that’s true- this word sounds stressful). Apart from our contribution to those hundreds of likes on our friend’s post -

Do we really, take out time to figure this out for ourselves?

3.Everyone is a BOSS!

Oval: 4You have been assigned a job- because there is no other like you that your company could find would be able to do this job! So, work like a BOSS dude! If you own your work, respect and cherish it, your attitude will speak.

4.Look Outward!

Oval: 5With maximum amount of work getting done over computers, for most of the people day starts and ends with mail INBOX! But really, is the work only about mails? I have many a times observed Bhavik, scribble on paper, plan a day off with his team and work in a coffee shop. In fact, to an extent that he moved out of his sophisticated cabin and shared a desk with other colleagues. Sounds like a cool Boss and all, but it’s really thoughtful. It is really important to think beyond what’s been conveyed or received in your Inbox. Life (for instance, here work life) is more about being updated apart from what your subscribed platforms would want to show you in your inbox.

5.Designation doesn’t matter!

Frankly, no one knows what is written on your offer letter and your business card. Designation primarily matters for external communication. Within the organisation, everyone is treated equally and are recognised by their work and contributions towards the organisation goals.

6.No Junk! No Street Food!

It is very important to maintain discipline in your behaviour and work for it to be most effective. It’s said that a healthy body has a healthy mind! You are important to your organisation as much as you are to your family and loved ones. To stay fit, should be your mantra!
(P.S – I cheat on this point )

7.Always SMILE !

     Needless to Say    

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